the first opinions of the new Spielberg are here

The Fabelmansthe next autobiographical film of Steven Spielberg, got the first feedback.

Amblin founder to reinvest in darkrooms. After the flop of Spielberg’s latest masterpiece West Side Storywhich repeatedly shows that the gentleman knows how to create breathtaking movie momentshe will come back with The Fabelmans. This next act promises to be an autobiographical tale which traces the filmmaker’s childhood.

A genre of film that has begun trend lately. We don’t know how to explain it, but believe that the directors passed the word. completion Licorice Pizza by Paul Thomas Anderson, Armageddon time of James Gray or of bard by Alejandro González Iñárritu, it’s the turn of the director ofAND the extra-terrestrial to persuade him to give birth to an intimate and personal act. But as the trend takes shape, the first opinions of The Fabelmans just fell. Rather moving drama or futile and navel-gazing attempt? press.

You can’t wait to read the first feedback

“This is Spielberg’s most personal film, one that beautifully revives the memories of his childhood and youth with a deep sense of sadness and a noble touch of Hollywood in the fable.” Tomris Laffley – The Playlist

“Spielberg gave us a lot of magic in our lives, and the Fabelmans became another of his masterpieces, but this time showed us how magic manifests itself in life.” Ross Bonaime – Collider

“Fabelmans is Spielberg using his extensive cinematic knowledge to create a story in which his whole heart is imprinted on the screen. It is a beautiful, evocative and gripping blockbuster, perfectly calibrated to remind those viewer of the power that can live in a movie.” Robert Daniels – Polygon

The Fabelmans: photo, Gabriel LaBelleSpielberg, the eye of cinema

“Semi-autobiographical and dedicated to his deceased parents, the film is a powerful memory guided by the extraordinary performances of Michelle Williams and Paul Dano, who are asked to walk a delicate tonal tightrope, delivering the image in an imperfect marriage that breaks the heart. its sensitivity.” Tim Grierson – Daily Screen

“With The Fabelmans, Spielberg wrestles with his own mythology and he also examines it. Chris Evangelista – Slashfilm

“Because it’s Spielberg, it’s all beautiful, intricately rendered, but not overwhelmed by sad sentiment: an endlessly tender, sometimes emotional ode to the people who raised him and the singular love for cinema that shaped him. Leah Greenblatt – Entertainment weekly

Photo by Michelle WilliamsAnd thus Spielberg was born

“I can say that this epic play, fully revealing the author, tries to separate the memoirs on the one hand and the popular entertainment on the other, but in the end he seems very determined to reconcile the two: what Steven Spielberg is yet to do. The last divorce film about if not some kind of reconciliation?” David Ehrlich – IndieWire

“Not all autobiographies are generous. They can be strange navel-gazing or vain. But because there is always a strange emptiness in Spielberg’s public persona – happy and sharing, but never knew – The Fabelmans seemed like a gift.” Richard Lawson – Vanity Fair

“There’s definitely potential, but Spielberg gave us a slightly over-staged version of himself and his family, the darker moments lacking muscle.” Benjamin Lee – The Guardian

The Fabelmans: photo, Paul Dano, Michelle WilliamsIf the feedback is positive

As we have seen, initial feedback is very encouraging. If the autobiographical nature of fiction brings tenderness and sensitivity to this Hollywood fable, the film is convincing thanks to the emptiness it fills. The opening of the legendary director’s extensive childhood days makes it possible tolearn more about the man behind the myth. The Fabelmans, it dives into the intimacy of the director after nearly 60 years of expertise. Hollywood film at its best, a culmination, technically and in terms of dramaturgy.

With Paul Dano and Michelle Williams in the cast to play his parents well, the director invites us to enter his past. to better see how the child from this dysfunctional couple managed to come out of it. The result is an ode to cinema and the power of the image. So, if like us you can’t wait to discover the latest cinematic offspring of Steven Spielberg, you’ll have to wait until January 25, 2023 to see it in our theaters.

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