Soccer | Top 20 dumbest red cards in history – Part 2

The continuation and conclusion of this best of the most beautiful dismissals in the history of football. Now on the program: Zizou’s headbutt, Chapron’s kick and Barreto’s punch.

WTF evictions (continued)

Zinedine Zidane / France – Italy

2006 World Cup.

Arguably the most iconic dismissal in French football history. Reaching the final of the World Cup is not easy. The Blues have only managed three times. The second time will be in Germany, against the Italian neighbor. The French were taken in extra time. Then in the 110th minute, it was the apotheosis.

As he recovered, Zizou turned and delivered a sublime headbutt to the chest of Marco Materazzi. Zidane sees red, as does the referee. The Blues eventually lost the penalty shootout, but everyone remembered this fact of the game, and forgot about the re-entrant panenka-bar at the start of the game. As in 1998, through his heading game Zizou made history.

But he wasn’t the only French hero tonight. One also takes the light.

“Oooooh Zinedine! That’s not Zinedine. Not now, not now, not after all you’ve done! Ouch ouch ouch ouch » T. Gilardi

Josip Simunic / Croatia – Australia

2006 World Cup.

Croatia and Australia met in the final group stage match of the 2006 World Cup. At the hour mark, Josip Simunic is guilty of a foul near his face, the first card is yellow.

We played in the 90th minute, and the central defender achieved the feat of making three mistakes in one action. Positioned as the last defender, Josip first put the Australian striker on the ground, before handling his teammate. A first intervention with the foot forward, then the second from behind with both feet out. A delicious recital. But there is nothing to be offended about for the English referee Graham Poll. The latter just gave him a yellow card. Small problem, it’s the second one, but the English can’t remember it visually.

Josip Simunic wants him fired. So the Croatian redoubled his efforts until the money time to get it. Seeing that he could not get his red card for his killer tackles, Josip decided to choose another way; the oaths. And it hit the mark, the Croatian was excluded in extra time for a third yellow card.

Kieran Gibbs/Chelsea–Arsenal

Premier League: 2013-2014.

Games between Chelsea and Arsenal always leave room for unlikely scenarios. And the 2014 edition should not be beaten by others. From the 7th minute of the game, the Blues lead 2-0. So if Oxlade-Chamberlain turns the ball over with his hand on his line, the referee will not hesitate to draw a red card. The problem is, Andre Marriner thinks Kieran Gibbs is guilty of this deception. The English referee did not want to know anything, despite Chamberlain’s own denial. Gibbs was furious, and still had to try to figure out why.

For a little anecdote, the match ends with a score of 6-0 for Chelsea. What better way for Arsene Wenger to celebrate his 1000th game in charge of Arsenal?

“It was one of the worst games of my career. After 20 minutes, the game was over. Then a long time » A. Wenger

Pierre-Yves Polomat – Michaël Barreto / Quevilly-Rouen – Auxerre

League 2: 2017-2018.

We played in the 80th minute, and Auxerrois was dropped by Quevilly-Rouen (3-1). The tension rose, and ended in an explosion between Pierre-Yves Polomat and Michaël Barreto. Small detail that is important, both players wear the same jersey, that of AJA. Polomat hit Barreto on the head, when the latter punched him. All in the middle of a game. It took the intervention of a player from Quevilly-Rouen to separate the two men, the world turned upside down. Result ? Two dismissals for Auxerre. The account is fine.


Rui Costa / Germany – Portugal

Preliminary rounds for the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Portugal approached the 1998 World Cup qualifiers as a domestic tournament. One loss against Ukraine, and two draws against Armenia and Northern Ireland. The belief that the Portuguese do not want to land in France in July 98. But the Seleção remains a great country, so watching the World Cup on TV is never their hobby. This is why the Portuguese decided to move to the last matches. The observation is simple; if they fail to impose themselves in Germany, they may miss out on the World Cup.

Everything started well for them. Pedro Barbosa opened the scoring in the 71st minute, and let the Portuguese go. A great time-saving business will begin immediately. Luis Figo’s teammates wet the ground at the slightest touch, sending long tirades at the referee. The latter is none other than the Frenchman Marc Batta. And in Marseillais, we didn’t do it to him. When the fourth referee asked Rui Costa to be replaced, the Portuguese wandered off, pulled up his socks, hugged his teammates on the lawn, the feeling of accomplishment. Batta urged him several times to hurry, as if not to interfere with the bosom of our honour. friend Rui Costa.

It was too obvious for the referee who decided to give him a yellow card. Little problem, this is Rui Costa’s second scoop. The Portuguese came off in tears, and could only feel sorry for himself when he saw Ulf Kirsten equalize ten minutes from time. Portugal will never see World Cup 98.

Samuel Inkoom / Karpaty Lviv – Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk

Ukrainian Championship: 2011-2012.

This is the story of Samuel Inkoom, defender of Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, who is about to be replaced. The Ghanaian runs, then mechanically removes his jersey before handing it to his teammate. Except this innocuous move doesn’t escape the referee. The latter took his prettiest Dnipro player biscuit for removing his jersey. The second one. Not included just a few meters from his replacement. The Ukrainian panache.

Yannick Cahuzac / Angers – Bastia

League 1: 2016-2017.

After the legendary slowness embodied by Rui Costa, this time we have the enthusiasm of Yannick Cahuzac. Bastia player, the defensive midfielder is known and recognized for his love for bloody red cards. And tonight in February 2017, the supporters of the SCO of Angers will realize that this legend is really true.

20 minutes from time, Bastiais trailed 2-0, and Cahuzac was called up. For once, the defensive midfielder was faultless on the field, without a yellow card to his credit, a near miracle. Everything is going for the best, until the moment Yannick has to leave his place. In a clumsy move, the fourth referee hit him with his scoreboard at throat level. Cahuzac didn’t even need to get out of his hinges, and hit the billboard hard. The fourth referee informed the whistle man of the action, which persuaded the latter to exclude Cahuzac, who was already on the sidelines. An outing of the king.

Fighting with the referee

Thiago Silva / PSG – Valenciennes

League 1: 2012-2013.

Before halftime, Thiago Silva tried to have an explanation for a decision taken by the referee of the match, Alexandre Castro. The Brazilian put his hands on the referee’s shoulders, which completely displeased the latter. Direct red. The reason? Being stopped in his tracks.

In the corridors of the stadium, Leonardo also tried to explain himself to the referee, and beat him by shouldering him. In fact, everyone wants to touch the rockstar Alexandre Castro.

Diego Carlos / Nantes – PSG

League 1: 2017-2018.

Here we touch the Holy Grail of anything. And as if by chance, it happens on French soil, within our wonderful Liguain. PSG lead 1-0 in Beaujoire, the Canaries tried everything for everyone in the hope of equalizing. The people of Nantes discovered themselves and went through a backlash from Kylian Mbappé. The action died down, then a crowd formed around Tony Chapron. The referee was on the ground, and got up struggling to kick Diego Carlos. The consensus is universal, the Farmer’s League is more than ever at the top of its game.

Tony Chapron thinks Diego Carlos is targeting him. But in fact, the referee took part in the Brazilian race, and caused his own downfall. But the “referee-tackler” stuck to his idea, and pulled a second yellow card, similar to the red one for Diego Carlos. The icing on the cake, he whistled a free kick in favor of PSG due to “fault on Monsieur Chapron”. The circle is complete.

Marcelo / Angers-Lyon

League 1: 2017-2018.

You don’t consider yourself lucky in life? You can easily put things into perspective with this red card picked up by Marcelo. Author of a mistake on Baptiste Santamaria, Marcelo received a yellow card. A decision that didn’t seem to suit him, so the Brazilian turned his back on the referee and protested, raising his arms in the air. The pot is missing for him, his arm goes up at the same time as the referee goes down. Marcelo involuntarily hit the yellow card, falling to the ground. It was enough to convince the referee to release the only card he had left; the Red one. An unparalleled alignment of planets.

Lyon, who were leading 3-1 before this dismissal, eventually leveled at 3-3. All’s well that ends well.

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