Jean-Marie Bigard answered his producer

Jean-Marie Bigard and producer Chrystel Camus in “Don’t touch my post!” in c8. Editing screenshots.

VIDEO – According to the comedian’s lawyer, Chrystel Camus is in liquidation.

At the end of August, guest of “Touche pas à mon poste!”, Chrystel Camus made surprising revelations about the state of health of Jean-Marie Bigard of which he is the producer. “You must know that Jean-Marie and Dieudonné are very ill, they both want to be together because they know that this is their last show, that’s the truth”he said, causing everyone to be surprised that day on the C8 talk show.

“I have been working with Jean-Marie for a long time, he is 68 years old, he has high diabetes, polyarthritis and heart problems, he added. Four years ago, shows were canceled because he gave us a stroke on stage. » Facing him, Cyril Hanouna did not hide his surprise: “Do you have the right to say that? ». Invited on the same night, Laurent Ruquier swings: “I don’t want to have a producer like you the way you talk about him”.

Tuesday night, the host and producer invited Jean-Marie Bigard to come and answer this information. First, the comedian assured that there are no plans to show with Dieudonné. “No!”he replied before mentioning Chrystel Camus: “He is indestructible. Crush you, still moving. You say to yourself: “So, he’s dead?” But no, he moved a leg. He was horrible and above all, as my grandmother said, he would have swallowed a cat, the tail would still come out of his mouth, he would say it was not him..

Threats of lawsuits

With a more serious tone, Jean-Marie Bigard then explained that he saw “two days in a row” Dieudonné to put on a show “repentance” companion. “Little by little, I realized that it was not to be played. […] On the other hand, I said to myself two guardians for the children at school, all my in-laws are Jewish… – that has nothing to do with it – but the arguments are very strong. There are not many apologies to be made, there is nothing to be gained from this, there are big punches to be taken and my conscience and my wife tell me that it is impossible.

“I’m fine”

Jean Marie Bigard

In a video message broadcast by “TPMP”, Chrystel Camus assured Jean-Marie Bigard that he and the other producers had not yet started the proceedings. “because you are afraid of losing your contracts with Laurent Ruquier and other future projects”. However, the producer threatened him with legal action if the comedian did not go up with Dieudonné on the Summum stage in Grenoble on November 29. “Of course, it’s unthinkable if you don’t come, the public will be very disappointed, they’ll say you don’t have balls while you’re lecturing Elie Semoun, and then we’ll leave with a lot of procedural productions related to the contract. you signed I honestly hope that this will not happen because my job is not to sue artists, but to produce them on stage.

“On the contracts, obviously, they’re gone. There’s no full contact, no contract. He’s not at the helm of any ship. He’s never been. He’s exhausted and he still thinks there are corporations…”, answered Jean-Marie Bigard. On his side, his lawyer, Me Emmanuel Ludot made a point of determination: “This woman founded a production company in the years 2010-2012, she filed for bankruptcy, she went bankrupt, she left X thousand euros and creditors. It reunites a society. The company filed for bankruptcy, it went bankrupt. And the moment he signed a contract with Jean-Marie Bigard and others, his signature was worthless because he went bankrupt. There was a liquidator in the back that was in Draguignan called og Me Leca and couldn’t take it anymore. He was bombarded with complaints, he was bombarded with phone calls because, in fact, he lied about everything. It was liquidated at the judicial level “.

As for his health concerns, Jean-Marie Bigard did not talk about it and promised to go “very good”. “I’m too far from having a stroke.”

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