“He calls himself a whistleblower” … Magali Berdah, the high priestess of influencers, denounces Booba’s harassment

It’s a bit like the media drama of the summer: influencer scams. Several investigations, including 20 Minutes of extreme TV reality stars who are fond of risky financial products, have shed light on the hidden face of the world of influence and its excesses. But the story goes beyond the journalistic sphere and is more focused on two characters in social networks.

In the middle of the ring, a real 1v1 took place between the rapper Booba and Magali Berdah – the high priestess of influence – who was no longer available to present. With his hashtag #influvoleurs, the Duke of Boulogne established himself as the new spokesperson for abuses of influence… no doubt from opportunism. The problem is that this 1v1 quickly turns into a dark story of cyberbullying “in a package” where the boss of the influencer agency Shauna Events claims to be a victim.

Cyberbullying for 4 months

The last straw must have happened on Sunday night during the broadcast of France 2 in the Supplement of the investigation titled “Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers”. He emphasized the central role of Magali Berdah in the profitable – and sometimes illegal – business of influence. In addition, it had a huge impact on the media, with more than 372,000 views in twenty-four hours.

This report is also, for Magali Berdah, the occasion of a new wave of insults and ridicule, especially for his punchline of tendonitis. It was certainly too much for the head of Shauna Events, who decided to call the press this Wednesday to make public “all the elements of Booba’s cyberharassment case of which he has been a victim for 4 months”.

“There was no question of product placement at that time”

In the luxurious Hilton Paris Opéra hotel, in the 8th arrondissement, Magali Berdah therefore welcomed the press together with her lawyer, Maître Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez. The opportunity for him to return to the facts and the age of the damage suffered by his client. The case of cyberbullying began on May 17, according to the lawyer, during the publication of minutes containing a lot of personal information of Magali Berdah. “You know who published these quotes,” suggested the lawyer. We understand it, this is Booba’s account, so far followed by 5.8 million subscribers on Twitter. “There was no question of product placement at that time,” recalls Me Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez.

From this publication, a complaint was filed in Paris for the following charges: threats including death and religious submission, blasphemy, public insult, malicious phone calls and harassment. The National Pole of Online Hate (PNHL) is directly dealing with the case. “We are not joking and the Paris prosecutor’s office is taking this case seriously”, pointed out the lawyer of Magali Berdah.

A week-long raid

Over the past four months, again according to Magali Berdah’s lawyer, the facts have been repeated more than 200 times. “That’s two tweets in one day and generated more than 100,000 hate messages against Magali Berdah or her relatives”, recounts Me Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez, who also remembers the organization of “Berdah gate week” , mid-July. “This week highlights the harassment suffered by Magali Berdah”. In total, 10 complaints and additional complaints were filed by Magali Berdah for harassment and related offenses.

According to the lawyer, “the author of the digital raid” invaded the entire private area of ​​Magali Berdah. His children were also victims, until one of them became aggressive in the streets of Paris. A complaint for “attempted extortion” was also filed by his lawyer, as well as for “using the identification data of others to damage the peace of honor” due to the disclosure of his personal address by ” an account followed by 120,000 people”.

Finally, a complaint for defamation was filed in July, as well as the last one on September 12 after the disclosure of information at the press conference of the rapper Booba. This adds five complaints to the ten already filed. “If we start all these procedures, it is because we want to protect Magali Berdah and allow her to live freely and peacefully in this country without having to suffer the hatred of people who speak in the background on their screens”, explained his lawyer.

The bad megaphone

Tears in her eyes, her voice trembling, Magali Berdah took over to speak. “I know that you are here to talk about influencers, and I understand. There is a real danger of excesses that exist for a long time,” said the head of Shauna Events, who promises to work with those competent authority to set rules. “This is a serious and important topic, but it was brought by a harasser”, regrets Magali Berdah, who says that she lives now “at the pace of a man”. Tears arose when the latter assured: “I will not remain silent, I will remain standing”.

For Magali Berdah and her lawyer, the fight against influencers has legitimacy, but can no longer have the same spokesperson. “Today, that the fight to regulate influencers can be embodied in an individual who does cyberbullying, is a problem for us”, assured Maître Antonin Gravelin-Rodriguez.

A complaint for “organized gang scam” against X

For its part, the justice opened the investigation on Monday for “fraudulent commercial practices” against Shauna Events, following the complaint made by Booba. It was also concerned with “an organized gang scam”, but only the first qualification was retained. The complaint also mentions a “passivity-driven system on social networks and especially Instagram and Snapchat that influencers use to promote scams”. Many scams are referred there: goods not received and not refunded, products that do not comply, etc.

According to Magali Berdah’s lawyer, “there is an obvious judicial imbalance between these files”, but he assured that the agent is at the disposal of justice to address it.

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