Faith. Intermarché: despite the method boxes, the step is validated

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By rejecting the appeal filed by the Fuxean leaders in Leclerc, the national commission for commercial development confirmed the transfer of the supermarket from Terrefort to the area known as Barreau de Peysales.

End of the judicial-commercial war between the Fuxéen supermarket Intermarché and its competitor Leclerc. By issuing a favorable opinion on the transfer of the store of the Mousquetaires group, located in Terrefort to the commercial area known as Barreau de Peysales, the national commission for commercial development (CNAC), definitively validated in a step that entailed procedure cards.

The CNAC was seized in May by the company Fuxedis, manager of Leclerc, in an appeal contesting the already positive authorization, issued at the departmental level. A decision however was made unanimously by seven elected officials and four qualified personalities, gathered at the prefect’s request in March. Contacted, the two managers of the Fuxedis company, did not respond in time to our requests, aiming to know the true motives of their appeal. But as a reminder, in 2011, the Leclerc brand also considered moving its store to the same location, before the idea was abandoned.

A well-argued rejection of the appeal

The rejection of the request is mainly motivated by the fact that the transfer of the hypermarket, 800 meters from its current location does not provide for “any expansion of the sales area” and makes it possible to reduce “an industrial wasteland” . With a surface area of ​​3,104 m2, the construction of the new store, carried out by the real estate subsidiary of the retail brand, will replace the former site of the head office of Crédit Agricole.

If the main concern of the critics of the project concerns the possible effects on the nearby competition and on the trade in the city center, the CNAC considers that the project is “measured, does not affect the economic balance of the territory”. According to him, the catchment areas, in other words of the geographical influence, of Peysales and the municipality of Foix, “have a relatively low commercial vacancy rate, respectively 8% and 5.24% for a national average at 13, 5%”.

Built within the “Sector of Peysales” commercial area, whose renewal and development is carried out by the urban community of Pays de Foix-Varilhes, the project is also considered by the CNAC “as being compatible with the territorial integration plan “. Half of the 600,000 euros representing the cost of building a roundabout at MacDonald’s, making it possible to serve the future Intermarché, and to open the back of the Peysales area, will be assisted by the Société Immobilière European of the Musketeers . According to our information, the construction schedule will be decided according to the progress of the deconstruction-reconstruction operations of the supermarket.

A project in the pipeline for nine years now

Presented in December 2013 by the Société Immobilière Européenne des Mousquetaires, a subsidiary of the group dedicated to the construction and/or adaptation of new brand stores, the Fuxéan project is intended to be eco-responsible from an architectural point of view and presentation. “no disturbance or significant residual effects on the neighborhood”. According to our information, beyond the use of biodegradable materials for its construction, the new 3,304 m2 building, which will also include a shopping mall, hosting four stores (each with sales area of ​​50 m2), operated clean. strength 2,111 m2 of photovoltaic panels will be placed on its roof. To improve performance in terms of energy consumption, luminaires using LED technology with presence detectors, as well as alternative systems for the water and heating side are also considered. When the plan was presented to elected officials nine years ago, landscaping around the water theme was still discussed.

The only certain thing is that the car park in the Peysales area will increase from 150 to 266 places, including 54 reserved for hybrid and electric cars.

In terms of employment, the expansion of the shopping collection platform, through the “drive” mode, should lead to the creation of new order selection positions. The retail brand also wants to expand its field of collaboration to about fifteen local producers and about fifty inter-departmental producers.

Although the application for a construction permit was submitted to the municipality on November 22, 2021, no construction start date has been announced. If he considers himself “happy with a decision he has no doubt”, Olivier Roques, store director of Intermarché, however does not want to make other comments, especially on the progress of the project. . According to sources familiar with the matter, official announcements should be made in the coming weeks.

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