Death of Elizabeth II: Princess Anne splits armor and evokes emotion in queen’s last 24 hours

As a tribute to Elizabeth II, who died on September 8, continues, her daughter, Princess Anne, who is not used to showing her emotions, expressed herself yesterday in an inspiring press release in which she revealed who was “lucky” to be by his mother’s side during “her last 24 hours”.

Princess Anne broke the silence. While Princes William and Harry and their wives spoke the previous day, the daughter of the late Elizabeth II spoke on Tuesday evening, September 13, paying tribute to her mother through a moving press release sent to Buckingham Palace.

“I was very lucky to be able to share the last 24 hours of my dear mother’s life. It was an honor and a privilege to accompany him on his final journeys,” said Princess Anne.

“Witnessing the love and respect you all have shown on these journeys is touching and overwhelming. We will share memories. I thank each of you for sharing our pain. We may remember how much we care about his presence and his contribution to our national identity. I am also very grateful for the support and understanding you have offered to my brother Charles, who has recently taken up his responsibilities as Monarch. To my mother, to the Queen, thank you,” added the mother of Zara and Peter Phillips.

Princess Anne followed the motorcade on the six-hour journey from Balmoral Castle to Edinburgh, while shis brother, King Charles III, was sent back to London to fulfill his first obligations as sovereign. His bowing in front of the dead body when he arrived in the Scottish capital, deeply moved Britain.

The Princess Royal, a title she has held since 1987 as the monarch’s eldest daughter, also walked alongside the King and their two siblings on Monday during the procession that carried Elizabeth II’s coffin from Holyroodhouse Castle. as well as boarding the military plane carrying the remains to London.

A princess with a strong character

Just like her outspoken father, Prince Philip, she reportedly described herself as ‘not fitting everyone’s image of a fairy tale princess’. “We learned to our cost,” he said. “No school for royalty”.

The princess, who writes her own speeches, has also gained respect for her support of more than 300 charities, various organizations and military regimes. Passionate about horse riding, like his mother Elizabeth II, in 1971 he won the European eventing championship.

“I saw (in this sports career) the way to prove that I have something outside of my family, and that victory or defeat depends only on me”, says one who will be a member of the International Olympic Committee. in 1988 and will join the organizing committee of the London Olympics in 2012.

Between tradition and modernity

Sometimes considered cold and criticized for her acerbic humor, Princess Anne never sought to please the press, and always enjoyed the presence of the paparazzi to a minimum.

While following his path in the royal system of his parents, he chose a more modern path for his children.

Married to equestrian Mark Philipps in 1973 in front of 500 million viewers, the couple decided not to take the royal title so that their children, Zara and Peter, could feel free to lead their own lives. .

Nine months after their divorce in 1992, the princess married Commander Timothy Laurence, a former escudis of Queen Elizabeth, in Scotland, the Church of England does not allow the unions of divorced people.

At the age of 72, it is rumored that her role may change with the arrival of Charles III, who will find support from her sister in her new role.

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