Alexia Daval: the explosive and unexpected document found on her husband Jonathan’s computer!

“The mystery of Daval”, broadcast on TF1 on Monday September 12 follows the tragic story of Alexia Daval, killed and calcined by her husband. The parents of both parties disagreed on its passage. The TV show describes the participants’ version emblematic of the case. The feature film is based on the book by journalists Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois, “The Alexia Daval Affair”, the true story. It revealed explosive details that had been hidden from the public for a long time. Among them are the famous Jonathann computer document. It hurts!

The two families did not agree

TF1 aired “Le Mystère Daval” on Monday, September 12. He revealed the important events and the twists and turns of this story that shook the whole of France in 2017.

The families of the victims and the condemned was contacted for the making of the feature film. But they always refused.

The lawyer of the victim’s parents testified that the latter “prefer not to make the film and to announce it to TF1. They want to turn the page and don’t want to interact with it. their loss [au générique] shows this desire.

Martine Henry, Jonathan Daval’s mothersaid:

“I don’t agree with this movie story, and Jonathann doesn’t either. He doesn’t want anyone to talk about him anymore, he wants to keep quiet. My son is not a freak! I want everything to stop… We are tired. Jonathann has been sentenced, he will serve his sentence, leave him alone. Shameful, obscene. Indeed, we must leave the people in peace, and the dead too…”

“We have no choice. »

Despite their denial, they cannot object to the broadcast of the TV show. Justice protects the freedom to create works based on public facts, especially when they are publicized like the Alexia Daval affair. Their agreement is not required for the production of the telefilm. they can’t go to court if there are elements of blasphemy.

The mother of the convict wanted to oppose the release of the filmbut he cannot:

“It’s useless, the case is in the public domain. We don’t want this to happen, but we have no choice. It will wake everyone up again, we don’t need that. It must be said that it hurts the families . »

Fictions that talk about real facts, change the real name of the characters. But the production decided to hide it, except for Jonathann Daval’s mother. In fiction, her name is not Martine Henry, but Martine Cussey.

Jonathan Daval know the feature film. According to the magazine Marianne, his lawyer said that “he looked at everything. »

This amazing computer document by Jonathann

The reporters of “Seven to Eight” investigators disclosed the Word document, the day Alexia Daval disappeared. It describes chronologically, the facts and actions of the husband.

It details in two pages, the events of October 28, 2018, the day Alexia Daval died. But he is discovered only 10 days after the events.

He understood husbands day milestonesbefore he reported his wife missing:

“Wake up every morning at 7 am and have lunch together in front of the Grinder series.
He had a small fruit salad for lunch.
Before 9 o’clock, bathroom. He was wearing sportswear: pink tank top, gray T-shirt, red glasses, black shorts, white socks, pink sneakers and a pink cotton sports vest.
I emptied the dishwasher, hung the laundry. I took a shower. 9:15 am, kiss, hug.
I went to my parents to empty the compost bucket, I drank coffee with my mom. Monsieur Dumont saw me at the roundabout.
I went to the bar, to have coffee, to see Jean-Pierre.
I came back, he still didn’t come back.
We went to the house, the emergency room, and the gendarmerie around 11:45 in the morning”.

For months, Jonathann Daval behaving like a broken widower. But the evidence against him stopped him. He explained the court document. But in general, the version of the facts that he gives often changes.

He finally admitted at the end of January, thathe strangled his wife after a violent argument. During his trial, the judge sentenced him to 25 years in prison.

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