ZEvent 2022: Compilation of the most WTF moments!

This edition of ZEvent 2022 will give us some beautiful moments, moments full of emotions and moments that are a little bit or even completely WTF, and that’s what we want. Who would have thought, though we have the right to an unexpected famous guest with Jean-Marie Bigard (humhum) in the form of MisterMV of course, but also the presence of the giant Alain Chabat who did not hesitate to make us understand that Antoine Daniel is a homosexual god..

Declaration of love, fights, moments of fear, drawings, painting, music, in short, you can understand, but this ZEvent is unique, and we will try to collect through this special little paper the most WTF moments that we can see.

Domingo and Jiraiya treated us

Like last year, Domingo and Jiraiya offered us a night of terror by streaming a more than terrifying game, and once again, the live was placed under the sign of frank laughter and pain. Even though Jiraiya was in PLS and hiding behind his clothes, it was nice to see him so scared, it didn’t matter to Domingo that he didn’t help by yelling at the slightest chance. This moment is very strange to see, but we hope that Jij’ is well of course!

When Alain Chabat met Bigard MV

If you follow ZEvent, you know that this edition of 2022 received the great Alain Chabat for presenting Questions for a Streamer with our beloved Étoiles. Naturally, Alain Chabat then walks around the room to meet some streamers, and that’s where he meets MisterMV, or rather Jean-Marie Bigard’s MV disguise (JDG in disguise)! And a rare moment when the streamer started imitating him and Alain Chabat just laughed. Watch your ears!

Ambient awakening of DamDam

For those who like to wake up early, or sleep very late, DamDam should join them as the first to set the mood and this, from 6am at ZEvent! Be careful, however, if you are an epileptic because his streams can give some headaches but also induce seizures because the filters he puts in are psychedelic. One thing is for sure, it is that his alarm clocks will be sorely missed!

When MisterMV and ZeratoR get together

You won’t be surprised if you are told that ZEvent is a symbol of celebration and music, and there is something for everyone. Going through techno music like DamDam for example, or more classic songs like we did through karaoke organized by Little Big Whale, sometimes we witness hilarious phenomena.

You know this, but all streamers participating in ZEvent each have a PC and have a headset through which they can hear the sound of their own stream. As a result, only they (along with their audience) can hear what is happening. So, we actually witnessed a funny scene where we had ZeratoR and MisterMV completely unleashed with music in their ears, with Étoiles and Antoine Daniel next door who couldn’t help but face them. Two rooms two atmospheres!

JDG is very present even though he is not there

One of the losses that saddens us especially for this ZEvent 2022 is obviously that of the great Frédéric Molas aka Joueur du Grenier or JDG or Jidège for those close to him. If the latter is absent for this edition, it is for a good reason: he became a father. However, we can count on his streamer friends to represent him.

In fact, we have the right to a cosplay of MisterMV’s fat Jidège, a painting made by Antoine Daniel of the former fat JDG breastfeeding the skinny JDG, or even the right to the well-known credits from his channel, played by Antoine Daniel once again.

When two geniuses meet

You know it, and you have been told it many times, but Alain Chabat is at this ZEvent to present the Étoiles Questions pour un Streamer. Because of this, last year’s champions (which is the same this year) were invited to the final along with Ponce and Antoine Daniel. And there, magic happened when two geniuses like Alain Chabat and Antoine Daniel met.

When the war breaks out!

This year, we have the right to a real showdown between two titans: ZeratoR and Antoine Daniel. But, why are they fighting? Simply to protect their works of art through Z/Place. As we explained to you a few hours ago, Z/Place is a pixel war where streamers and especially viewers can make donations to benefit from more credits to place their pixels and form the drawings.

It was a real battle that we witnessed, as we told you, with ZeratoR and his community on one side, and Antoine Daniel and his team on the other.

A muscular reunion

This year is the first ever edition for the streamer specializing in Call of Duty, SkyRRoZ. If you don’t know, the latter lives in Mexico with his family, and is therefore far from his streamer friends. Among them, of course, there are the Lord Chow1 who also attended this year, for the second time in a row.

As a result, we witness a touching, but very muscular reunion between the two men. And no wonder Mexico won!

Are you looking for a coach?

During this ZEvent, streamer Angle Droit wants to return to a horror game, Isaac. Very popular title thanks to MisterMV, for this occasion, what’s better than being with a coach to hope to finish the title? It is clear that it does not count the help of the toxic coach Antoine Daniel who has a few more game hours than the young woman. The sequence offered to us by two friends was to cry with laughter (of course, it was terrible at the request of Angle Droit!).

Wrestling like you’ve never seen before!

This year’s WTF moments, we saw a real wrestling match of Rivenzi versus Ponce. To accompany them, real wrestlers with each Kuro and Aigle blanc, all refereed by Sturry (which ended badly), with a real game like the biggest professionals.

plucked out forcibly

The Z Event is not an esports event, although many streamers on the site are trying their best. But this year, ZeratoR has made a good place for competitors. Two French esports legends are there: Ceb and NBK. Where are their pots?

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