under 23,000 euros and up to 500 km of autonomy

The Chinese manufacturer MG has just formalized for France their new electric car, a compact electric sedan, the MG4. It will be sold from 28,900 euros excluding bonuses, with a range of up to 500 km depending on the version.

The Chinese manufacturer MG has just formalized for Europe, including France, the new electric car, a compact sedan, the MG4. We have known this model for months since it was presented in China in June, then formalized in Europe a few weeks ago. It is possible to order it since the beginning of August, but the prices are not known. MG has just pulled back the veil on the technical sheet and prices for Europe and it’s a welcome surprise.

From 22,900 euros with an ecological bonus

So MG announced that its MG4 will be sold, in France, from 28,900 euros. With the ecological bonus of 6,000 euros, the final price rises to 22,900 euros. This is very good news for the electric car in general, because it should make it possible to give access to electromobility to many households.

The Chinese manufacturer (or rather its European subsidiary, SAIC Motor Europe) also offers an LLD offer, for 249 euros per month, without contribution (thanks to the bonus), for 48 months.

From 350 to 450 km of autonomy

At this price, it is the MG4 in Standard finish, with a battery with a gross capacity of 51 kWh (LFP) and an autonomy of 350 km in the WLTP cycle. To achieve a distance of 450 km, you should aim to finish in Comfort €32,990 with a 64 kWh battery (NMC). The Luxury finish indicates a range of 435 km, certainly due to its rear diffuser (currently present for appearance), which claims €34,990.

MG4 battery

Consumption varies between 16 kWh / 100 km and 17 kWh / 100 km depending on the version. Therefore, and surprisingly, the small battery requires more electrons to travel the same distance as the large battery. However, the weight is lower than before, at 1,655 kg against 1,685 kg at least if we believe the technical data sheet.

This is due to the active grille, which is available from the Comfort finish. This makes it possible to modulate the opening of the latter according to the cooling needs of the battery, and thus lower consumption when it is closed to obtain a drag coefficient of 0.27 compared to 0.287 opening.

A version with 500 km of autonomy in boxes

The good surprise of this announcement is the arrival in the coming months of a version of the MG4 with a battery of 77 kWh. Enough to allow MG to prepare for the arrival of an MG4 with 500 km of autonomy. The new Cupra Born VZ XL seems to be aimed directly.

If fast charging is limited to 117 kW in the cheapest version, which claims 40 minutes from 10 to 80%the power is increased to 135 kW with a large 64 kWh battery, which reduces the charging time by five minutes to 35 minutes.

At home or in public terminals, you have to be satisfied with 6.6 kW for the entry level against 11 kW for other versions.

A four-wheel-drive version is coming

The engine is unbeatable, with a 125 kW (170 hp) engine at the entry level and 150 kw (204 hp) in other finishes. Both motors send a torque of 250 Nm to the wheels and are positioned on the rear axle, making the MG4 rear-wheel drive. 0 to 100 km/h is claimed in 7.7 seconds for the smaller battery and 7.9 seconds for the larger one. The maximum speed is limited to 160 km/h.

MG4 diffuser

The famous Triumph sports version is also planned for Europe, but there are no further details at the time, with two electric motors that will provide power of 455 hp and a torque of 600 Nm to reach the 0 to 100 km / h in only 3.8 seconds.

A compact sedan

For the dimensions, it is necessary to calculate a length of 4.287 m, a width of 1.836 m (excluding mirrors) and a height of 1.504 m. The wheelbase of 2.705 m and the absence of a central tunnel should make it possible to take advantage of a nice space on board. The mark indicates a trunk with a capacity of 363 liters.

In terms of comfort, MG taught us the presence of a five-link independent rear suspension as well as dynamic chassis adjustment. A feature usually reserved for more expensive models. The rear engine allows a relatively short turning radiusOnly 10.6 m.

A connected car

Inside, there is a 7-inch screen behind the steering wheel that serves as the instrument cluster while a 10.25-inch screen can be found in the middle for infotainment, including a navigation system with real-time traffic. Adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assistance are available for level 2 autonomous driving, using radars and cameras.

In the Luxury version, the presence of heat pump should make it possible to increase autonomy in winter. MG thus announces an increase in autonomy of around 10% depending on the season. However, be careful: battery preheating is only available in the most expensive version. This means that in winter, the speed of charging the car at fast charging stations will be lower than other versions.

A little extra: the MG4 is able to tow a trailer (or a small caravan), with a maximum of 500 kg.

First delivery in October 2022

The MG4 is now available for ordering on the manufacturer’s website, with a 7-year warranty. It will be available in dealerships in the coming weeks, with a total of 686 dealerships in 26 European countries and 840 by the end of the year. The first deliveries are scheduled for October.

MG4 in the back

Against the competition

The MG4 would prove to be a commercial success. In fact, at this price, we’re not finding much at the moment. However, we can mention the Renault Zoé, from 33,700 euros, with a range of 395 km. But it’s not the same electric car, with much less equipment and lower performance.

The Peugeot e-208 is also a good competitor, from 33,000 euros in the Like finish and its 400 km autonomy. Again, there are fewer on-board technologies and less room. It will be necessary to wait for the complete test of the MG4 to form a more pronounced opinion.

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