The death of Elizabeth II, inflation, Brexit … the British fell to the spleen

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The sudden death of Queen Elizabeth II adds to the long list of crises that the United Kingdom is currently going through. Outside Buckingham, where crowds continued to flock to pay their respects to the sovereign, the weather was dark. Reporting.

The sky in London was blue on Sunday, September 11, but it was crossed by large clouds. Like the state of mind of the British people who are always suffering from difficulties. The death of Queen Elizabeth II is a new blow for the members of the Crown, most of whom have been hit by the political, economic and social crisis that has shaken the country for many months.

The United Kingdom is actually currently facing the highest inflation rate since 1981. As a result of the war in Ukraine, the prices of petrol, housing as well as food have reached their peak and within a few months have caused huge expenses. in the crisis of livelihood. At the same time, the country’s growth is slowing down. The British economy, already weakened by the health crisis, is also suffering the effects of Brexit. The death of the queen on September 8 has put the country in a state of great concern.

Walkers lay flowers near Buckingham Palace on September 11, 2022. © Aude Mazoue

“English is worried”

In the leafy paths of St James’s Park, many Britons and tourists took advantage of their Sundays to go to nearby Buckingham Palace to lay some flowers in honor of the late sovereign. In appearance, there are no angry faces or crying subjects. But when we ask the walkers – working young people, retirees, executives, students – everyone understands an ambient darkness.

“The English are worried. For my part, I have done nothing wrong, but everyone here knows people who have financial difficulties. And the sudden death of the queen did not help matters”, explained Laura, thirty years. A sentiment shared by Kliment, a 26-year-old Russian who has worked in finance for 10 years in London. “The price increase has created a lot of anxiety around me. I don’t have a problem with money but I have to work hard to maintain my standard of living and I can’t change jobs because there are many uncertainties. The difficulties more true for immigrants and young people who work with low income. But I believe that this is the price that the West will pay for not bowing to Putin. We must unfortunately accept this situation in the name of human rights and freedom “.

The Northern Irish Torture

Charlotte, accompanied by her friend Rachel, came from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to pay tribute to Elizabeth II. “The Queen could have been a guide – sadly she is not around this time.” It must be said that the two young students, facing economic difficulties, also have concerns about the future of Northern Ireland. Since the Brexit deal, the European Union and London have engaged in an unprecedented showdown. The goal of their disagreement remains unchanged: Brexit, which literally takes Northern Ireland hostage, forcing the creation of a customs border between the Republic of Ireland and the Northern Ireland province. For many Irish people, the Queen is a symbol of peace and stability – especially thanks to the historic moment when she shook hands with former IRA commander Martin McGuinness in 2012, symbolizing the restoration of the province after of years of violence. “The Queen is a symbol of strength, peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland that her death raises many concerns for the future,” lamented the young Irish woman.

Sitting on a bench for lunch with his daughter, David, 48, a real estate consultant who lives in London, refuses to succumb to the fatigue of the environment. “There is nervousness about the economic challenges we will face in the next six months to two years. People are entering a period of economic caution that is changing their daily lives and it affects all sections of society. forty years old. The death of our monarch who reigned for many generations increases this feeling of anxiety about the future. But we must take advantage of this time to start a reflection on a new national dialogue in the direction of our country”, suggested the father of the family.

The monarchy to help the concerns of its subjects

The British reflex obliged, in chaos, towards the Crown that one turn. “In these difficult times, the new king will be a reassuring head of state and Prince William will give him his full support, especially on the issue of the environment or the price of housing”, continued David .

Laura also wants to believe that all crises in the country are temporary. “If we look at the history of our country, continues the 30-year-old, we will see that the past consists only of moments of crisis and happier times. It reveals. True, the situation is not encouraging, but those British people are strong, they can get up. Distracted by a squirrel that came a few centimeters from her sneakers, the young woman smiled again. And to conclude philosophically and optimistically, “Life goes on”.

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