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TF1 broadcasts the TV show “Le Mystère Daval” tonight, which tells the story of the investigation into the murder of Alexia Daval by her husband Jonathann. Maud Baecker and Liam Baty (“Tomorrow is ours”) hold the main roles with Michèle Bernier.

What is it about?

Saturday, October 28, 2017, 12:10 pm Two men came down, worried, at the Gray police station. Jonathan Daval, accompanied by his brother-in-law, reported the disappearance of his wife, Alexia. He went jogging in the morning and never came back. What happened to him?… For 3 months, the gendarmes will conduct a non-stop, exemplary investigation, as carefully as possible, to collect evidence, then make the person they believe will not speak to all who confess. : Jonathan.

Monday, September 12 at 9:10 pm on TF1, and will be in Salto.

Who is it with?

Discovered by the general public of Tomorrow belongs to us where he fell under the skin of Rémi, Liam Baty camp here Jonathann Daval. His on-screen wife, Alexia Daval, is played by Maud Baecker ((Almost) Perfect Love), also a defector from the hit soap opera on channel one, where she lends her features to Anna.

The victim’s parents, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Fouillot, are played by Michèle Bernier (La Stagiaire) and Jérôme Anger (Le saut du diable). The sister and brother-in-law of the deceased, Grégory and Stéphanie Gay, are embodied by Raphaël Ferret (Aim of the heart) and Ingrid Donnadieu.

Vanessa Guide (3615 Monique) and Thierry Neuvic (La Maison d’en face) brought to life on the screen Magali Paulin and Commander Dacosta, the police officers in charge of the investigation of Alexia’s murder.

Looks good?

Directed by Christophe Lamotte and written by screenwriters Emmanuelle Rey-Magnan and Pascal Fontanille, Le Mystère Daval is a fiction inspired by real events, based on a book. Alexia Daval’s relationship – the true story by Laurent Briot and Christophe Dubois.

After the broadcast ofA French affair in TF1 in 2021, the first channel still continues to face the heavy task of bringing to the screen a bad news item, which is as interesting as it is shocking in France. This is where it all started when Jonathan Daval reported to the police the worrying disappearance of his wife.

Christophe Charzat/Elephant-story/TF1

Maud Baecker and Liam Baty in The Daval Mystery

The body of Alexia Daval was quickly found and the husband of the deceased always claimed that he was innocent, along with the support of the victim’s family who considered him one of their members. However, the evidence piled up against him and, in police custody, he admitted to killing his wife by accident because he allegedly wanted to “calm her down”.

Later, the killer changed his version of the facts to show the authorities a scenario of a family conspiracy, involving the Fouillots and the Gays, to try to clear himself. During the confrontation with Isabelle, Alexia Daval’s mother who loves her son-in-law like her own son, the killer finally admits that he did it all and that he is the only one responsible.

Filled with unlikely twists and ending with a tragic resolution, Alexia Daval’s feminicide has everything on paper to make a thrilling TV show. Alas, here, often feel confused by what they want to show us.

Over-mediatized and recent, this drama is still in the minds of the French. Perhaps because of this, it is hard to believe the discomfort and frustration that the actors displayed when we still have in our minds the scarred faces of the real protagonists of this terrible story. The actors also show a lack of intensity in most fiction.

Christophe Charzat/Elephant-story/TF1

Michèle Bernier and Jérôme Anger play Alexia Daval’s parents

We can also regret that the activity unfolds pure and difficult before our eyes, in an overly strict way, step by step, without enough thought of the complex and confusing psychology of Jonathan Daval, which however all his relatives try to qualify as “it’s really nice“…

The pace of the fiction is slow and the tension struggles to build up to watch. Some sequences are interesting because, through the characters of the police or the profiler (Alika Del Sol, Here it all begins), we discover the techniques of the investigators to clarify a criminal case. However, these explanatory scenes weigh the story down. shame.

Despite all that, Le Mystère Daval offers some relatively successful key moments. The scenes of the murderer’s confession in front of his mother-in-law or the reconstruction of the crime are particularly moving. At the very least, they allow viewers to see Liam Baty explore a different register from the one we’re used to following him. The similarity between the actor and Jonathan Daval is also disturbing.

Inadequately populated, this school adaptation is likely to appeal to fans of different realities.

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