Nintendo Direct: The sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem… our summary of the Nintendo Switch event

Game News Nintendo Direct: The sequel to Zelda Breath of the Wild, Fire Emblem… our summary of the Nintendo Switch event

While Sony will speak tonight on the occasion of a State of Play, it is another Japanese giant that delivers this afternoon in the game of thunderous announcements. For about forty minutes, Nintendo talked about the games coming this winter… but not only. Make yourself comfortable and rejoice, Mario’s father has some surprises in his hat.

An eye for retro

Nintendo knows that part of its audience is made up of 40-somethings who grew up with controllers in their hands, and that bringing old titles back to the fore will make its community happy.. So we got some news about the remakes of the Front Mission series, a Tactical RPG where the machines lend themselves to violent confrontations. The first Front Mission will arrive in November 2022, the second, unpublished outside of Japan, will arrive in 2023, while the new version of Front Mission 3 will be available later. The GameCube is in the spotlight with two games that have been reviewed and tweaked for the Switch. The first is Tales of Symphonia Remastered, the second is STORY OF SEASONS: A Wonderful Life. These two titles will arrive in 2023 on Nintendo’s hybrid.

Originally released on the Wii and now planned for the Switch, Project Zero: The Mask of the Lunar Eclipse will also arrive in 2023. This is also the same year that players will have access to Kirby’s Return to Dreamland Deluxe, a revisited edition from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland released on the Wii, can be played up to 4 in cooperation in funny mini-games. Fans of old-school shooters will be happy to hear that the Radiant Silvergun will be available on the eShop in the coming hours. The “New” N64 games are announced Mario Party (1, 2, 3), Pilotwings, Pokémon Stadium (1 and 2), 1080 ° Snowboarding or Excitebike 64. The good surprise is that Goldeneye also comes in soon. So the rumors are true.

Do you want updates? here

The Nintendo Direct format is also an opportunity for the Kyoto company to discuss previously released titles that will benefit from updates. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 expansion introduces a new mechanical hero, Ino, as well as the Arena mode to take down waves of opponents. The release is scheduled for October 14. Splatoon 3 was also there when the first festival took place from September 24 to 26. Who said successful game with many DLCs said Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Wave 3 has been teased with the unveiling of two new circuits: Jardin Peach and Mont Festif. In total, 8 circuits will be accessible this winter. Nintendo Switch Sports adds golf for free with 21 courses from Wii Sports, and Mario Strikers: Battle League Football will welcome Diddy Kong and Pauline to its League 2.

Games, nothing but games

This Nintendo Direct is an opportunity to see that many titles, sometimes already released in other media, will soon come to hybrid Nintendo. with Sifu, It takes two, Tunic, Factorio and more. Resident Evil Village will also show its zombies on Switch before Halloween, but in the Cloud, along with Resident Evil VII, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. Many software are shown such as Fitness Boxing Fist of the North Star, The Cosmic Shake , Oddballers, Fae Farm, Rune Factory 3 Special, Different Daylife, Atelier Ryza 3, Just Dance 2023, Harvestella, and even Endless Dungeon. Square Enix, certainly in this Nintendo Direct, officially released Crisis Core on Switch for December 13, 2022.

The creators of Danganronpa took advantage of the event to show a little more about Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, a dark fantasy investigation game where the player, in the shoes of Yuma, must explain the unknown cases. Announced for October 20, 2022, Mario + The Rabbids Sparks of Hope shows the end of his snout with a trailer that highlights the different activities of the game. get items, and Sparks, a kind of fusion between Rabbids and Lumas. Finally, still scheduled for October 28, 2022, Bayonetta 3 exposes his beloved witch in more powerful situations. What to discover a new ally of Viola, and to know that a full trailer will arrive in the coming hours.

The chef’s good surprises

Good conferences are those that manage to make the event thanks to good surprises. The conference first opens with Fire Emblem Engage where the hero, Marth, awakens after a millennium of amnesia. The trailer shows the battles in the purest Tactical style in high view. Dragons and giant snakes are in the program for this title that lands on January 20, 2023. Another big surprise from Square Enix is ​​Octopath Traveler 2 on Switch. The video features bright villages, eight heroes each with their own story, boats, trains, large pixels and beautiful special effects. Let’s wait until February 24, 2023 to check out the new scenarios.

To celebrate 35 years of Final Fantasy, the Japanese giant presents Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, a 385-track “musical epic” arriving on February 16, 2023 with tracks from the FFVII remake. SaGa, NieR, Otcopath Traveler or Live is a live series through paid DLCs. A total of 502 songs are available in the Premium pack. Miyamoto entered the stage to remind us of the existence of Pikmin Bloom on mobile, but above all to present the first images of Pikmin 4, a title that we have not heard for a long time. The software should arrive in 2023 and benefit from simplified controls. Finally, the “one more thing” in the event is Zelda Breath of the Wild 2, subtitled Tears of the Kingdom. The short trailer shows Link in long arms, with a new type of shield, for more airy gameplay. The surprising announcement is that we will not have to wait long to join the epic, because Nintendo has announced that its title will arrive on May 12, 2023. The appointment is made!

Broadcast on a Tuesday when we used to see the Nintendo Direct on Wednesday, the event organized by Nintendo responded to its first mission: to prove that there is something to do in the next few months in a small hybrid. Players should have been waiting for the Nintendo Direct with new information on Pokémon Scarlet / Purple, but nothing was released. In the radius of disappointments, we note that some licenses that have been ignored for a long time by Nintendo have not returned, such as Kid Icarus, Golden Sun, Starfox or even F-Zero. We hope that the Japanese giant will one day find a way to return these intellectual properties to the front door.

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