After the death of Elizabeth II, what will happen to Prince Andrew?

Despite his return to the light and next to the coffin of the queen, the father of the princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, accused of sexual assault, should quickly fall into the shadows.

He appeared without military uniform on Monday, September 12, during a mass organized in memory of Elizabeth II, at Saint-Gilles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Unlike his siblings King Charles, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, Prince Andrew, who fell out of favor after accusations of sexual abuse, wore civilian clothes.

“Old sick man!”

Suspected of involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein affair, the father of princesses Beatrice and Eugenie was stripped of his title as Duke of York in April. In mid-January, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II also saw his military titles and royal patronages removed.

An American, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, actually accused the prince of raping her when she was 17 years old, through the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell. Threatened by a lawsuit in the United States, Prince Andrew ended the proceedings by concluding a good deal with her, up to 12 million pounds (14 million euros).

Her role in the ongoing national mourning in the United Kingdom is one of the puzzles the royal family must manage, in addition to the split between princes William and Harry. “Andrew, sick old man!” shouted a passer-by as the former helicopter pilot walked quietly behind the body that carried the Queen through the center of Edinburgh.

In the video, the funeral procession begins in the presence of the Queen and Prince Philip’s children

“I wonder if he will remain a role in the future”

At the weekend, Prince Andrew, long famous for his involvement in the Falklands War with Argentina in 1982, joined members of the royal family as they waved to people outside Balmoral Castle, where the Queen died at the age of which is 96.

According to Robert Hazell, constitutionalist at University College London, King Charles III should leave Prince Andrew behind, mainly because the new sovereign wants a more “reduced” active royal family. All to prevent the escapades of the Windsors from making the front page of the tabloids again. He also sought to reduce the number of official engagements made by the latter.

Potential directives that Prince Andrew will pay the price. “As a member of the family and the son of the Queen, he mourns his mother, logically”, but “I will be very surprised if the Duke of York remains a role in the future”, said Robert Hazell of l AFP. His presence at a mass in honor of his father, Prince Philip, organized in March, has indeed provoked a lot of criticism. Then he took the queen in his arms and accompanied her to Westminster Abbey.

The “favorite child”

His dismissal reflects the serious damage he is accused of causing to the royal family, due to his friendship with the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is accused of trafficking minors. The damning interview Prince Andrew gave to the BBC, in 2019, didn’t help matters.

The queen, for whom the latter is often called her “favorite son”, deprived him of his titles in early 2022, encouraged, according to some, by his son Charles and his grandson William. “Monarchies that lost public support disappeared,” Mr. Hazell recalled. Any wise monarch is always attentive to public opinion and quick to act. ” There is, according to the expert, a good chance that King Charles “will not differ from his mother’s reaction” regarding Prince Andrew.

In the video, Princess Anne’s bow on the way to Elizabeth II’s coffin

The Queen’s Corgis

In June, Ghislaine Maxwell, the latter’s long-time friend, was sentenced to twenty years in prison in New York for conspiring with Jeffrey Epstein in his trafficking of minors. Royal biographer Robert Johnson stated that Prince William was completely opposed to his uncle’s return to prominence.

He, moreover, contributed to his eviction. Now sidelined, but still part of the family, Prince Andrew still shares a mansion near Windsor Castle with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. Despite that the duo was given a great responsibility: the adoption of the queen’s favorite dogs, alone after her death. The two corgis were presented by the former spouses to the queen in 2021.

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