“My arrival is the same as the novelties”, announced Hélène Mannarino before replacing Alessandra Sublet

Hélène Mannarino is preparing for her big hosting premiere C Canteloup on TF1, this Monday, September 12. Already hosted by Big Quiz and left the morning of LCI to ensure this new challenge, he replaced Alessandra Sublet who left TF1 to become an actress. The 32-year-old journalist assured that he will remain “true to himself” and that no ultimatum was imposed on him between LCI and TF1.

How do you prepare for your baptism of fire in C Canteloup ?

This is a big challenge! We did a lot of tests, photo shoots, we shot the trailer, I even had a coach to prepare myself. I am also with Alessandra Sublet and Arthur, with whom I often work and who accompany me in many projects. We are in the starting blocks so we can’t wait to get started.

What was your first show like?

I hope it is full of laughter and information as always. Recent news has been marked by the disappearance of the Queen of England which is a mythical character of Nicolas, so things will happen around that. But I’m like a viewer, I can discover Nicolas’ text, his characters like others and react to them. It is a real exchange, like in the theater, in the cinema or in life.

What was your reaction when TF1 asked you to replace Alessandra Sublet?

I said to myself “Wow, after Nikos and Alessandra Sublet, are you sure you offered me this? If the first tests are not conclusive or if I am not with the team, I will say no. This is a very important sign of confidence on the part of TF1. Now, I want to give myself the means to continue to participate in the success of the show. This is a great program where you can say anything. I know that I am expected so I want to succeed in this bet.

How did you join the team?

Good. C Canteloup a great team that works like a family. When I arrived, they all took me by the hand. Nicolas was there for the tests, everyone gave their opinion regardless of their position. These are the perfect conditions to get there.

The show aired after JT for eleven years. He is very exposed and the transformation is usually not visible to the audience, are you afraid of that?

You can’t please everyone, that’s okay. My goal is to stay true to myself. I’m doing a public job but I’m protecting myself and I just want the viewers to go back to their vices without perverting C Canteloup. My arrival is also similar to the novelties because my personality is different from my predecessors.

What are these innovations?

I prefer to leave it a surprise and the biggest changes are built over time. So far, the authors have been very attentive to who I am. We tested things with Nicolas and I on screen.

You left in the morning for LCI to secure this new appointment. Does this mark a turning point in your career as a journalist?

I’m choosing but I don’t have a knife at my throat. I’m still a journalist. on C Canteloup, the form changes but the substance remains current. The channel manager did not give me an ultimatum, but we wanted to respect the viewers so that they would not see me in the evening on a more offbeat news program and the next day present the morning show on LCI. There is also the matter of pacing. Waking up in the morning at 2 am, C Canteloup an evening meeting. There is no question of imposing a rhythm on me where I don’t do very well.

Many French men and women know you by your Unexpected pictures in Europe 1. Could this sequence return in another form?

This sequence is quite similar to my DNA so even in Big Quiz, I researched visitors, call me relatives. This is a method I prefer when I meet a guest. The format returns to movie TV weekend with, which I prepared at TMC. The idea of ​​the unexpected image will be present throughout the show.

What are your other projects?

I worked on several programs for the TF1 group. there The Big Quiz that continues, Retroscopy… TFX and TMC magazines are also available. And then other projects where I was involved, especially Arthur.

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