Formula 1 | Ninth on Monza debut, De Vries ‘proud’

Nyck De Vries impressed this weekend at Monza, finishing ninth in the race after being told on Saturday morning that he would have to replace Alex Albon. However, he was summoned by the marshal after the race.

In fact, the Dutchman took advantage of being under a safe car regime to check some points of his car, and he braked in a straight line in front of Guanyu Zhou, who was forced to -pass through him to avoid the Williams and get away from it. .complained on the radio.

The group then apologized to the Dutchman asking him to overtake the line of drivers in front of him. And this is what the commissioners expected, who explained that he was a victim of a brake problem.

In addition, his engineer asked him to slow down to respect the mandatory time delta within the deceleration framework associated with the neutralization. Because of this, it was possible to avoid the penalty, especially since the team also used the driver’s lack of experience at the wheel of the FW44. For his part, the pilot admitted that he suffered physically.

“I can assure you that my shoulders are hanging. When the safety car came out, everyone was relaxed, and I said to myself that I can’t overcome it. It’s fine. I’m in trouble, especially in the shoulder!” said DeVries.

Williams F1 is ‘doing the right thing’ to aim for points

However, the experience was unique for someone making his career debut: “I don’t think I’ve realized yet, I like the race now, I’m having fun, I’m enjoying it. I can’t sleep, I’m very nervous, especially this morning. But the closer we get to the race, the happier and happier I am.”

“I’m happy to have had this opportunity and made something successful out of it. I know we were helped by retirements and grid penalties, but we also did the right thing, and I’m proud of that, I’m happy that.”

De Vries explained the challenge of adapting to a car that he had not driven since May, and that he discovered in even more stressful conditions, with the obligation to run fast in qualifying and fight the peloton during the race.

“It may not have been a victory. But it was a great weekend. Especially since I only knew half an hour before the start of the third free practice that I was going to drive. Everything passed in an instant . But maybe that’s a good thing. You don’t have time to think and then go ahead and do your job.”

“I use the car’s tools to influence its behavior for me. It’s something I don’t know much about. I always ask the team how I can do it with the differential, the brake balance and they give me instructions to do it. But in the end, I in the car have to feel what I need to manage the situation.

Latifi: We don’t have a car to race

Nicholas Latifi thrived in the shadow of his rookie teammate all week, and the Canadian had a very complicated start to the race. Frustrated at being stuck between two cars, he regrets that the drivers who passed him in the driveway were not punished.

“We were compromised at the beginning, we were sandwiched between many cars, I tried to avoid entering them. Then many cars cut in the first corner and were not penalized” the Canadian was angry.

“It compromised my race because I found myself in the first car out of position, all the fast cars could attack me.

Perhaps finding no cause for complacency, and probably feeling that his days at Williams were numbered, Latifi did not hesitate to transfer the responsibility of his performance to an FW44 that was less functional, according to him.

“I don’t know how I ran in clean air, but I have to say that in the car, we have to try to maintain the position and defend ourselves. But if we want to go back, our car is not no a car you can race.”

“It’s fast in a straight line but you can’t brake or keep up speed in the corners. It’s good to fight with some cars, but we lack a lot of downforce, so it’s not easy.”

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