the corgis, eternal companions of the queen

From an early age, and until the end of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II surrounded herself with these little four-legged companions.

They have been Queen Elizabeth II’s faithful companions for decades: her famous Welsh Corgi Pembroke, a breed of dog she is always around. The British monarch, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, had about thirty corgis during his life, so this type of dog became inseparable from Buckingham.

The queen’s affection for these little companions with short legs and big ears began in her youth. Corgis entered the Queen’s life in 1933. She was then 7 years old and her father, the future King George VI, brought a home for her and her younger sister Margaret. The two girls named him Dookie. Eleven years later, he received a second, Susan, as a gift to celebrate his majority.

Elizabeth and Susan became inseparable: according to hip, when the Queen and Prince Philip crossed the United Kingdom for their honeymoon in 1947, the dog was on the trip. The latter will be, according to Gracethe starting point for a whole line of corgis that would accompany Elizabeth II for decades to come.

Their own “corgi room”

Among the queen’s corgis, some are true dorgis: Susan’s line also produced dorgis, a crossbreed, when one of the queen’s corgis mated with her sister’s dachshund.

With the queen, the corgis lead the life of a castle: according to Madame Figaro, they have their own room in Buckingham, the “corgi room”, where the wicker baskets they sleep in are located, raised to avoid drafts. The women’s magazine reported that the Queen fed them in porcelain bowls, menus approved by veterinarians.

Four of them are proud to be with their mistress on the cover of Vanity Fairin the spring of 2016. The shooting however caused other group shots of members of the royal family, but these were only published on the inside pages:

“She wanted to be photographed with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, her daughter, Princess Anne, and her corgis,” Annie Leibovitz said at the time. the fashion photographer in charge of the shoot.

He was in charge of their food

The queen also relied on these small animals to entertain her guests, as war surgeon David Nott recounts. While suffering from a terrifying flashback during a private lunch at Buckingham Palace, the Queen offered to pet her dogs and give them cookies.

“Within 20 minutes of that lunch, the Queen and I were feeding the dogs. She did it because she knew I was very traumatized,” he told the BBC in 2016.

Elizabeth II loved her corgis so much that she personally supervised their feeding, according to Pets by Royal Appointment, a book dedicated to the pets of the British royal family. Served at 5 p.m., the dogs’ dinner consisted of beef tenderloin and chicken breast smothered in gravy.

The Queen, her dogs… and James Bond

The Queen’s dogs were even the heroes of a funny short film broadcast on the occasion of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics in 2012. The actor Daniel Craig, in the skin of his character James Bond, arrived at Buckingham in a taxi to pick up the queen. – who agrees to play the game by playing his own role. Agent 007 is greeted by two corgis playing on the carpets of the palace.

According to the BBC, which has compiled a family tree of the queen’s corgis, Elizabeth II owned up to nine corgis at once. But their presence dried up for many years until 2015: as reported by Time Magazine, an adviser to the Queen (then 89 years old) announced that year in Vanity Fair his decision not to raise new dogs, to not “leave the young dogs.”. At that time, two more occupied Buckingham.

In December 2020, her dog Vulcan passed away. All he had left was Candy, the last dog of the royal family. But a change of events happened at the beginning of 2021: the queen reconsidered her decision and got two new corgis.

The news was revealed in March by the British press, while the royal family is in full crisis: Prince Philip is in the hospital – he will die next month – and Buckingham is preparing for an explosive interview with Meghan and Harry, who want to be revealed behind the scenes of their departure from American television. These two dogs are, according to The suna way for the queen to deal with the crisis.

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