Lidl Silvercrest slicer at an unbelievable price of €39.99 – September 2022

The Lidl electric slicer from the Silvercrest brand is back in all your stores from Thursday, September 15, 2022 at a price of €39.99. This 120 Watt culinary appliance will allow you to slice and dice different types of food with the thickness you want and with precision like a true professional. You can cut ham, charcuterie but also bread, vegetables and fruit with the Lidl slicer. You can adjust the thickness of your slice up to 20 millimeters. Cook in complete safety thanks to the safety system with which the machine is equipped.

Here are the various specifications of the slicer sold in your Lidl stores:

  • Power: 120 Watts
  • Cutting and slicing food: ham, charcuterie, bread, vegetables, etc.
  • The cutting thickness is adjustable up to 20 millimeters
  • Removable cutting carriage with finger safety
  • Pusher and drip tray
  • Slow plane for easy work
  • Very precise serrated blade
  • metal tool
  • Warranty: 3 years by the manufacturer

For all product details, remember to consult the technical data sheet by clicking on the button: “I discovered a good plan” at the bottom of the article.

Compare with other cheap slicers by consulting the offers of our partners:

  • 200W Electric Slicer, 2 Stainless Steel Blades, Easy Clean, Electric Bread Slicer with 0-15mm Adjustable Thickness, Anescra

    【Powerful 200W Motor】 Powered by 200 watts of slicing power, this electric slicer allows the sharp blade to slice food with ease. It adopts the gear operation method to achieve the best cutting results. Think of the time you’ll save with this electric slicer in your kitchen! 【Two 19cm stainless steel blades】Different blades for different foods. The smooth blade is perfect for cheese, vegetables while the serrated blade is great for tough foods like bread crusts, ham and sausages. Higher quality blades help with smooth application and clean cuts. 【Disassembly for Easy Cleaning】We designed a removable knob at the end of the sliding bar, which makes the sliding bar and the food cart removable. You can also remove the food pusher and remove the blade easily. So you can clean this electric slicer thoroughly! 【Adjustable Thickness】You can achieve precise slices from paper thickness up to 15mm with a simple turn of the built-in thickness dial. Adjust different thicknesses for different foods to suit your taste with this amazing electric slicer. 【Compact and efficient】 This electric slicer measures 37*24*26 cm. The food trolley measures 19 * 17 cm. The largest size of food that can be cut should be 16cm long and 15cm long, so this electric food slicer can handle most foods in your kitchen. It’s great for home use!

  • Tristar EM-2098 Folding Electric Slicer – With Pusher – Adjustable Slice Thickness – 150W

    For all kinds of food: slice meat, bread and cheese very easily with this semi-professional Tristar slicer with a power of 150 W. Adjustable: you can adjust the thickness of the slices from 0 to 15 mm. Its serrated stainless steel blade, with a diameter of 17 cm, is easy to remove. Safe: the pusher protects your fingers and allows you to use it in complete safety. Its non-slip feet ensure its stability on the table and prevent it from slipping. EASY CLEANING: The removable parts come apart easily to clean your slicer easily. Practical: after use, store the cable in the dedicated compartment and fold the slicer so as not to waste a lot of space in your cupboards.

  • Professional Stainless Steel Gravity Ham Slicer 250 mm

How to get a Lidl slicer?

This is from Thursday, September 15, 2022 that you can buy the Silvercrest brand slicer in all your Lidl stores and make preparations worthy of a true professional. The item will remain on the shelves for a week until Thursday, September 22, 2022 and within the limits of available stocks, so do not wait until the last minute to visit the store.

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