In the United Kingdom, the death of Elizabeth II provoked the launch of the energy aid plan, railway and postal workers suspended their strike

The loss of sovereignty has many consequences. As the United Kingdom woke up on Friday September 9 for the first time in seventy years without its queen, the death of Elizabeth II shook the political, socio-economic, cultural and sports world of Britain. The ten-day period of national mourning has changed the agendas of the coming weeks in all circles, while the inflation caused by the war in Ukraine continues.

When the conservative Liz Truss was able to form her government after being officially appointed Prime Minister, Tuesday, September 6, at Balmoral Castle (Scotland), of the 96-year-old sovereign, the media Politics and constitutional scholars pondered the future Accession Council for the crown. This body, some of whose members are part of the privy council, must meet on Saturday, September 10, at the Palace of Saint-James to officially proclaim King Charles III. Several advisors, including the prime minister and his government ministers, must attend.

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But who will lead this important constitutional step? “Wednesday, on the eve of her death, Elizabeth II did not feel able to make the meeting of the Privy Council, the night when the members of the new cabinet of Liz Truss will be sworn in”writing Politics. “Therefore the royal seals were not given to the various holders of the monarch’s duties”, said the media. However, the Privy Council website insists that the new leader in the House of Commons, appointed by Liz Truss on September 6 and the government’s representative to parliamentarians, Penny Mordaunt, also assumed the role of “Mr. president” and therefore be responsible for the management of the Participation Board.

The capital plan is restricted

The government finds itself stuck at a crucial time as inflation explodes in the UK and the Prime Minister announces a huge aid package for households and businesses on Thursday September 8 – the bill will rise to 150 billion pounds (172.9 billion euros) – in the face. of rising energy costs. This additional budget will initially be debated on Monday September 19 in the House of Commons, but the British Parliament can stop all discussions for ten days, according to protocol. In the worst case scenario, if these ten days are considered days of parliamentary debates, it could push them back until October 17.

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But, according to still Politics, for Downing Street advisers, there is no question of leaving this capital plan long suspended. On Thursday night, journalists later suggested that British parliamentarians could sit for a day or two during national mourning to pass emergency legislation. Other solutions are considered: the House of Commons can return to work after the season of tributes or the holidays of the parliamentary committees can be shortened or canceled.

Suspended strikes

More than the political consequences of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her disappearance also shook the strike of railway and postal workers in Britain who announced the interruption of their movement. Since the end of June, they have increased the number of strike days to win a wage increase amid a cost-of-living crisis.

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers “joined the whole country to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth”and the new phase of the rail strike scheduled for September 15 and 17 “suspended”announced its general secretary, Mick Lynch, in a press release on Thursday evening, while the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, which is planning a strike at the end of the month, “expressing our sincerest condolences”. The train drivers union Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen also canceled a walkout scheduled for September 15.

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For their part, postal workers called off a one-day strike, scheduled for Friday, within the British company Royal Mail, ‘Following the sad news of the Queen’s death, and out of respect for her service to the country and her family’, the Communication Workers Union announced. The Trades Union Congress, which will hold its annual conference next week, praised Twitter “the many years of dedicated service to the country” of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sports and cultural activities are cancelled

In addition, the Bank of England announced on Friday that the monetary policy meeting, whose decision will be published on Thursday, will be postponed for a week due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Due to the period of national mourning in the UK, the September 2022 meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee has been postponed by one week. The decision will be announced on September 22 at noon.said the institution in a press release on Friday.

Other collateral victims of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, many cultural and sporting events have been deprogrammed, or even simply canceled. All English Premier League games over the weekend have been postponed. “In honor of his extraordinary life and contribution to the country, and as a mark of respect, this week’s Premier League match day will be postponed, including Monday night’s game”informed the organizers.

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The Premier League took this decision even though the British government announced that the postponement of sports competitions was not necessary during this period of national mourning. All games in the professional lower divisions and the women’s championship have also been postponed.

Many other sporting events (rugby, horse racing, cricket, or even cycling) scheduled for Friday and this weekend have been cancelled, as a sign of respect for Queen Elizabeth II.

When the Mercury Prize musical awards ceremony – the equivalent of the Victoires de la Musique – cancelled Thursday night and postponedtheater performances in the United Kingdom must continue despite everything, with a minute’s silence, according to the BBC site.

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