Grill Lidl at an amazing price of €19.99 – September 2022

The Lidl grill will soon be found in your stores for the joy of all gourmets who want to meet for a friendly moment around a table. With this device, you can grill different foods such as meats but also fish, vegetables, sandwiches, paninis, burgers and any other food you want without adding fat. With the Lidl grill, the fat from the food can drain into a separate collection tray that is easy to wash. When your appliance is ready for cooking, the red indicator light will turn green in just 2 minutes. Do not miss this offer from Thursday, September 15, 2022 at the price of €19.99.

Here are all the particularities of the grill that will be sold in your Lidl stores:

  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Dimensions: 25 centimeters x 15 centimeters
  • Grill meat, fish, vegetables, sandwiches, paninis, burgers…
  • Cooking without fat
  • Separate drip tray for juices and fat
  • Red and green indicator lights
  • Grill heating time: 2 minutes
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty

To read the detailed product sheet, you can click on the banner: “I discovered a good plan” at the bottom of the article.

To compare with other cheap electric grills, check out the offers from our partners:

  • Electric Grill, 1400W Electric Barbecue, Smokeless Electric Griddle with Lid, 2 Removable Non-Stick Cooking Plates, Drip Tray, 14.5 x 9 Inch Full Flavor Grill

    🥓 Cooking Without Smoke: The full flavor grill has a 3200 RPM smoking fan and a clear tempered glass cover that quickly reduces smoke and odors by 90% for the perfect smokeless indoor grill. The detachable design allows oil dripping from food to drip directly into the oil pan at the bottom of the grill, preventing hot oil from splashing and spilling excess oil. 🍔 Even and Quick Heating: The table grill has a power of up to 1400 W, thanks to the double U heating system, it can heat the food evenly and quickly in just a few minutes, the 3 levels of temperature can be adjusted with precision through the knob. , you can adjust the cooking temperature between 80 to 230°C depending on the ingredients being cooked, but also on your ideal cooking. 🌭 Multifunctional Electric Grill: The meat grill has 2 griddles, the grill pan helps you leave grill marks on fish fillet cutlets and the flat plate is perfect for bacon and egg pancakes. It has an extra large 14.5 x 9 inch cooking surface, can grill 6 burgers or 4 steaks at once, great for nights out with family or friends. 🍗 Safe and Delicious: The smokeless meat grill is made of food grade die-cast aluminum, which is not easy to rust or stain. The clear glass lid allows you to quickly and efficiently observe and monitor the food as it cooks while keeping it warm, moist and juicy. 🌮 Easy to Clean: The non-stick coating of the electric grill ensures maximum non-stick, you need to clean it easily to get the best cleaning results. The removable plates, drip tray and fan cover are dishwasher safe for easy storage when not in use.

  • Cecotec Rock’nGrill 1000 Electric Grill, Rockstone Coating, Temperature Regulator, Aperture 180º, Surface 28.7 x 17 cm, Steel/Black

    The electric grill contact grill with 1000 W power. Adapted plates with grease outlet for more practical and clean use. Stone coating that ensures maximum non-stick and optimal cleaning. Jitter coating, without PTFE, PFOA and other toxic products. Floating top plate that adjusts height. Operation light indicator. Large kitchen surface of 25.4×17.5 cm. Anse cold touch. Closing clip that allows it to be stored vertically. Cable storage space and non-slip base.

  • Klarstein Gatsby Electric Freestanding Grill Table Grill: 2000 W, EasyGrill Concept, Grill Area: 40 x 36 cm/Die-Cast Aluminum/Non-Stick/Lid, Two Side Tables, Black

    PERFORMANCE: The powerful 2000W electric grill convinces as a table or stand grill, indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, simply mount it on 4 sturdy stainless steel feet. LARGE GRILL PLATE: The 40 x 36 cm die-cast aluminum grill plate has a high-quality non-stick coating so nothing burns and the Gatsby electric grill is easy to clean. QUALITY: The grease drips into the tray below. To make Pulled Pork and other barbecue specialties a success, the Gatsby has a stainless steel grill lid with a non-stick coating and a Cooltouch handle. PRACTICAL: The two practical side tables, each measuring 20 x 32 cm, ensure a relaxed barbecue. Spices, sauces, food, cutlery and drinks find their place without any problems. PLINTH: If this space is not enough, the large shelf of 55 x 47 cm on the plinth will help you, for example for more drinks or other food for the barbecue. Thanks to its two wheels, the grill is also easy to move

How to get a Lidl grill?

To get the grill in your Lidl store, you need to go to the sign from Thursday, September 15, 2022. This offer ends on Thursday, October 22, 2022 subject to stock availability in store.

If you want to take advantage of other offers and good deals in your store, don’t miss ​​the Monsieur Lidl sandwich maker at the price of €24.99 and enjoy good times with family or friends.

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