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The transfer window closed its doors eight days ago. With 11 signatures and three loan returns, ASSE is very active in the arrivals department. In the same way, it is also possible to reduce the workforce of sports players or financially impossible to maintain. While the arrival of a joker is always possible, should the Greens accept a 15th player…? Which sector of the game will benefit from this? Case.

Laurent Batlles and Loïc Perrin must feel some form of satisfaction after a well-conducted transfer window. If it is too early to assess the quality of the players who have settled in St-Etienne, the degreasing operation has already been a success with 20 departures from the club. Nine players are out of contract, four returned to their club after being loaned to ASSE, four were sold and allowed ASSE to collect 20 million euros and three were loaned.

So the coffers are full and the payroll melts like snow on the day the group’s highest paid players leave. With the departure of Khazri, Boudebouz and Aouchiche alone, ASSE has reduced its salary by more than 500,000 euros!

The financial health of the Greens, forced to reduce their lifestyle now that they have descended into league 2, is in good condition and should be possible to make a final burst in the transfer market. The Greens have the possibility of attracting a player outside the transfer window as regulations allow clubs to transfer a player from another French club, even after the end of the summer transfer window. heat happened on Thursday in 23 hours.

Is the piston station stable?

Sergi PALENCIA of Saint Etienne during the friendly match between Saint-Etienne and Le Puy Foot on July 12, 2022 in Le Puy-en-Velay, France. (Photo by Romain Biard/Icon Sport)

The whole question remains whether the recruitment of a new player is worth it given the state of the workforce currently available to Laurent Batlles. Some sectors of the game have really experienced a major change, like defense for example. With so many departures and a rear guard as permeable as it was traumatized last season, new blood is needed. In the axis, Anthony Briançon, Jimmy Giraudon and Léo Pétrot came to support some survivors of this transfer window Mickaël Nadé, Saïdou Sow (courted by Turkey on this last transfer day in the country) or Abdoulaye Bakayoko . Laurent Batlles who wants to put a three-man defense, so it is useless to recruit in this sector of the game, which only asks to get the automation. If Giraudon and Briançon seem unmovable, Bakayoko, another little “green”, has a good card to play. The defense sector includes burning players not more than six to compensate for the suspensions that will soon disrupt him.

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The 343 also needs quality pistons. Real cornerstones of the system installed by Laurent Batlles, it is a question of having durable, swift, technical, fast and good defensive and offensive players. Suffice it to say that the profile is unique … At ASSE, Yvann Maçon and Sergi Palencia took this role. When Yvann Maçon seems to be in the game again, he shows some defensive limitations and offers performances that are not very regular. Behind him, Gabriel Silva is not very effective and does not seem to give a guarantee in Batlles, like Callodat, he is not programmed to play regularly as a professional. So there is a gap to be filled at this position, but perhaps not as urgently as the right one. In fact, behind Sergi Palencia there are few players who can occupy this piston role. If a joker comes, he can fill this sector.

A medium given but an attack to refine…

Lille’s Timothy WEAH celebrates his goal with Isaac LIHADJI during the Ligue 1 Uber Eats match between Nice and Lille at Allianz Riviera on May 14, 2022 in Nice, France. (Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport)

In the midfield, ASSE strengthened quantitatively and qualitatively. The Greens can count on a given midfielder who gets the technique of young Bouchouari in particular. Monconduit, Mouton, Lobry, Gabard and Moueffek complete the midfield group that, on paper, does not seem to accept new players.

In attack, if the position of the scorer is now shared between Wadji and Krasso, it is the interior offensive that focuses the attention of Batlles who has welcomed many reinforcements in this sector of the game since June. Cafaro, Aiki, Pintor and Lobry can improve in this position. Youngsters from center will also be called upon to take on this role, such as Bile or Saban. The playing sector, however, lacks the depth of the bench and the choice of leaders, if not for a correct piston, should be aimed at a versatile attacker who is able to play this role. The Lihadji rumor (LOSC) also confirms the trend…

In conclusion, the Greens must take advantage of the opportunity given to them to strengthen the group of Laurent Batlles. If a proper piston is received, however, it looks like this is a versatile attacker to look for. Will the defensive problems encountered by ASSE force Loïc Perrin and Laurent Batlles to change course? Saturday’s meeting against Bordeaux may bring its share of answers … and perhaps guide the Greens in their thinking.

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