OGC Nice – Cologne: What we know after the violent clash between supporters

Once again, the Allianz Riviera was the scene of a real surge of violence. Thursday night, clashes between supporters left 32 injured before the meeting of the Europa League Conference between OGC Nice and the Germans FC Cologne, finally moved to an hour and ended in a draw (1-1). After these incidents, which provoked angry reactions, arrests could take place.

What happened?

For the German supporters, the battle started in the afternoon in the city center of Nice. Even before they arrive at the stadium. They brought down monuments and tagged tram stations, causing repair costs of 35,000 euros, according to a first estimate that the town hall of Nice intends to claim from the Cologne club . The city and the Lignes d’Azur transport authority will file a complaint. In Place MassĂ©na, the storefront of the official OGC Nice store was also damaged. As the evening began, the first clashes took place outside the Allianz Riviera before the situation completely deteriorated inside. An hour before the kick-off, originally scheduled for 6.45 pm, several hundred spectators wearing Cologne colors from the more than 8,000 in the Ray stand invaded the presidential stand to fight with Nice fans, placing them in the popular south. stand up Fights broke out, sometimes with seats or steel bars torn from the stadium, injuring several dozen people. The videos show real chaos.

OGC Nice also criticized a “forced passage to access the stadium controls on the German side”. A crisis meeting between UEFA representatives, the prefect of Alpes-Maritimes, the public prosecutor and the mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi was organized and decided to postpone the kick-off for an hour. . The prefecture, which explained in the evening that the gates of the stadium were “temporarily closed, the time to return to calm” after the intervention of the police, specified that “there was no incident during the match.

What is a balance sheet?

Friday night, a report indicated that 32 were injured including two police officers and a deputy, and four people were hospitalized. A supporter from the FC Cologne stand was taken to “absolute emergency” after falling more than 5 meters between the two levels of the stands, but his significant prognosis did not participate at the end of the night. “Very alcoholic”, according to the prefect’s chief of staff, this individual is actually a Parisian. The presence of the supporters of the capital in the stand of the German club, wearing their colors, is thus confirmed by several sources. PSG’s “Supras Auteuil” took a banner at the start of the match. Asked this Friday morning about the consequences of these incidents, the prefecture did not immediately respond. Also asked this morning 20 minutes, the public prosecutor Xavier Bonhomme indicated that there were “no arrests at this stage”. The prosecution announced the opening of three investigations entrusted to the department’s security with “the aim of identifying and arresting the perpetrators of these crimes”. They are concerned about “damage at meetings in the official shop of the OGC Nice club”, “violence at meetings near the Allianz Riviera stadium” and “violence at meetings inside the sports enclosure, introduction and throwing of smoke bombs and damage in the meetings held inside the Allianz Riviera stadium”.

What were the reactions?

These new scenes of violence between supporters, recalling those that happened during the aborted meeting between Nice and Marseille in August 2021, have particularly provoked the anger of the Minister of Sports. “It’s fed up, it’s really fed up that our sport has been polluted in this way, that we can no longer say to ourselves that we go with our children in a peaceful and reassuring way to a stadium”, regrets AmĂ©lie Oudea-Castera. “Shocked”, OGC Nice for its part “condemns with the utmost strength” this surge of violence”. next events. […] so that the necessary steps are taken to manage the next meetings in Europe”. On social networks, supporters of Nice questioned the security system in place Thursday night. After the meeting, coach Lucien Faivre also spoke about of these clashes: “It’s disappointing, it’s upsetting to see that. It shouldn’t exist.” And to clarify: “Our supporters have nothing to be ashamed of. I’m not afraid that the stadium will be suspended. It’s not very fair. The assistant coach of Cologne, AndrĂ© Pawlak, also criticized “a real scandal”. “No words. It’s very sad and difficult to see that,” he said. The German club recognized that “the penalties [contre lui] probably.” PSG also reacted this Friday morning. While he condemned “with the greatest strength the violence committed”, he also specified that the “group Supras Auteuil was dissolved by an order on April 29, 2010” and that its members “are not recognized as supporters of Paris Saint-Germain and they are banned from entering the Parc des Princes”.

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