Faced with controversy over his donation goals, streamer Jeel was forced to speak out

This Thursday, September 8, the opening concert of ZEvent 2022 was held, a charity event organized by Adrien “ZeratorR” Nougaret and his teams. After an initial controversy linked to the choice of associations, the event had to face the anger caused by the announcement of donation goals from some streamers, including Jeel. Faced with criticism, the streamer wants to speak out.

when the controversy grows

LPO (League for the Protection of Birds), Sea Sheperd, WWF, The Sea Cleaners, four associations carefully chosen by Internet users to be the spotlight of this ZEvent 2022. The last ZEvent of this format has gathered controversy since its announcement . Choice of associations, streamers, lack of diversity and now, donation goals, the critics are flying. The latest is directed at Jeel, a long-time French streamer, who went through the structure of Eclypsia several years ago.

On September 6, Jeel revealed his donation goals, like many other streamers participating in the festivities.

And the famous goals of #ZEVENT2022 like every year! Not much compared to others, but I can’t wait to go this weekend! pic.twitter.com/MyT1vptBCo

September 6, 2022

Only, the young woman was the object of strong criticism. Many Internet users criticized him for the donation goals that resulted in air travel, in a ZEvent where donations support ecological associations.

Not donating to his channel so he doesn’t make his thousands of trips literally has more impact on the environment than donating.

September 8, 2022

You don’t want to directly put “vacation with your money”? we have little time

September 8, 2022

4 subgoal travel to the other side of the world for ecology

September 8, 2022

You get on a plane to go to the other side of the world in half of your subgoals if it’s a vacuum for associations trying to fight global warming, it’s not a pretense and you don’t pay attention to the problem?

September 8, 2022

Why not create challenges related to ecology? Agree on the plane debate but challenges like “replant 5000 trees somewhere” “clean up the dirty river” “walk clean” “live in a nature reserve” travel is still good…

September 8, 2022

Faced with this cry, Jeel wanted to take the time to send them a reply. A Twitlonger goes into more detail about these trips, including giving details.

Let’s talk about my ZEvent goals…

Read: https://t.co/oooc4sDV5g

September 8, 2022

A TwitLonger where Jeel explains that he wants to make goals “who he likes“, but that usually pushes him out of his comfort zone.”The goal for me is to provide a challenge!” he justified himself.

If you follow me for my content, you know that I currently live between France and Japan. So yes, I have to take a plane to get there. It’s hard to do otherwise, it’s a fact…“Jeel explained.”It’s true, I’m not a perfect student. My way of life, my work and the choices I make on a daily basis inevitably have an impact on the environment. This is a fact, I am not blind and I know it.

We all take actions that have a negative impact on the planet in our daily lives. That’s it, nothing is perfect. The important thing is to realize it, to make an effort every day and to act as one can!

And that’s exactly the spirit of ZEvent, isn’t it? It is moving together, on our level.

After giving details on each of his trips, from climbing a new mountain in the world to his weekend at a destination chosen by his fans, Jeel explained that he wanted to offer “goals that are all attainable and interesting to follow because they are instructive“but still presents itself as a challenge. A qualified status”sad” by the streamer, which should also be mentioned during the ZEvent.

Do you think these donation goals are out of place? Feel free to answer us through the comment section below.

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