Alexandra Pizzagali (Télématin) censored in France 2? The truth will come to light!

He is the new face of Télématin, France 2 morning show. Comedian Alexandra Pizzagalli joins the Télématin team, which already includes Julia Vignali, Thomas Sotto, Damien Thévenot and Maya Lauqué.

This Monday, September 5, during his first show on the Télématin set, the comedian had to deal with technical problems. Therefore, the young woman created trouble by evoking the author of the Nice attack. It suddenly cuts to a page of advertisements.

A specialist in dark humor

It’s Alexandra Pizzagali a French humorist of Italian origin, Breton and Norman. He was born in the eighth arrondissement of Paris in 1988.

He grew up among capital and Val-d’Oise and spent all his holidays in Brittany. After studying communication and advertising, he attended the Cours Florent.

He then took acting classes there for two years. Encouraged by his friends who always praises her talent, she decided to write her first one-woman show: It’s in the head.

Specializing in dark humor, his show featured pregnant women and all their quirks. The achievement is dazzling and the prizes are many! He played it in Paris then toured France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Jury Prize at Macôn Festival 2018. The Grand Jury Prize at the national festival humor from Tournon-sur-Rhône. The Press Prize of the Gerson Festival in Lyon.

Also, the Jury Prize of 21ᵉ edition of Andain’ries festival. The SACD Prize – Festival Printemps du Rire 2018. Its reputation is second to none and it opens the Festival du Rire in Draguignan in the summer of 2019.

Big trouble on the telematin set!

Alexandra Pizzagali’s first day at school Telematin started badly. In fact, on Monday September 5, the young comedian presented his very first column on Télématin in France 2.

Spread the word! Alexandra Pizzagali will always remember his first column on the Télématin set!

He was shocked by the many viewerswho quickly reacted on social networks to his dark humor in the Nice attacks of 2016. In fact, he painted the picture of the terrorist Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, in a scabrous humor.

He defended the author of the attack live on the set of Télématin. Here we are, here I am, to try to defend it, I will do it, added Alexandra Pizzagalli.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlelno effort was made to pronounce his name, at the same time, is it necessary to follow the rules of the road, I don’t think it started…

telematin censorship

Salsa and bodybuilding enthusiast – I’m sorry, but this sounds like my ideal person – it seems that we are dealing with a Ricky Martin is from the French Rivierahe said.

He is also a violent husband, a sex maniac and a zoophile. An extremely violent husband… Maybe he deserved it? By not baking or giving feedback.

enjoy sex, each to his own. Zoophileat the same time in Nice, there are old women and chihuahas, we have the right to want to flirt with someone with teeth.

Icing the cake, the artist was suddenly cut off from launching an advertising page!

Did France 2 censor Alexandra Pizzagali?

In the following hours, in a post on his Instagram account, the comedian wanted to clarify things. We got married, but everything is okay. The first liveproblem with the teleprompter, caught, prostrate, which caused the delay.

And since the ads are set by the minute, they are sent before I finish my column. So I did it after that, he reported on social networksbefore ensuring that the Télématin production I didn’t mean to.


I don’t know if I can do it again, but I am sure I can do it, he added. Thanks for your support, brothers.

However, the management of Televisions in France apologized on Twitter. France Télévisions and the Télématin teams sorry for being a funny column rightly hit many viewers.

we we apologize and express our solidarity with the victims of the Nice attack and their loved ones, he posted.

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