We tried… “Splatoon 3”, a new dive in the squid pond

When Splatoon hitting the shelves in 2015, Nintendo brought a breath of fresh air to the online shooter game. Like running and Super Mario Kartthe editor managed to put his stamp on a genre that was nevertheless highly codified by making it colorful, subtle and welcoming. Released on a Wii U with rickety sales, an opportunity to change it will be given with splatoon 2, in 2017, on a more popular Switch. Criticism then points to the loss of real innovation, but also includes the legitimacy of wanting to give that proposal its commercial opportunity. Five years ago, Splatoon 3which is scheduled to be released on September 9, there is no reason for the platform to justify very similar content.

Aim ink at both eyes

on Splatoon 3, the player once again slips into the skin of a half-human, half-cephalopod creature, among the chosen octopus and squid. He will have the opportunity to participate in games where two teams of four players will try to cover as much territory as possible in their color by throwing ink in every way. The arsenal ranges from squirt guns to large brushes, buckets and, now, paint-dripping arrows and katanas.

If his opponents still need to be neutralized, clumsy can still help out by avoiding combat and painting when possible. This is the strength of Splatoon : even if you miss your target, the shot not completely useless. For movement, as in previous games, it is possible to swim quickly on the ground and on walls with its own color, but also to execute beautiful surprise attacks, which are well hidden in a pond of paint.

Make no mistake: liquidating your opponents will prove essential to prevent them from coming to repaint your half of the field.
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New products that do not weigh clams

No need to beat around the bush: Splatoon 3 did not mark a break. In fact, the game offers content that is somewhat similar to what its predecessor offered. With new arenas and powers, the fun four-player co-op mode, “Salmon Run,” is back. The single-player campaign has been revamped and smartly boosted with a lot of additional content Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion in 2018. With its short missions with fantastic constraints – such as crossing an obstacle course with a forced weapon or using a limited amount of ink – it is always one great way to sharpen your reflexes before rubbing yourself into a frenzy online game.

Both in its atmosphere and its structure, the single-player campaign of

Regulars will no doubt notice the differences, especially in the improved range of motions, although far from the innovations one would expect from a digital stage. However, stopping at this diagnosis is unfair. For two years, Splatoon 2 has seen many free updates that constantly improve the online experience: a game mode added here, a level changed there, not to mention new leagues and new weapons. GOLD Splatoon 3 inherits this refinement and allows beautiful sessions. It continues: we are now waiting in a training room (against a stupid menu before), the disconnections at the start of the match will immediately send the participants back to the locker room (better scenario of a whole game lost in the first) and, above all, the meetings now follow each other very quickly, leaving no time to feel defeated. Splatoon doesn’t stop progressing and this third episode aims to prove it to us.

Some cannot fail to criticize Nintendo for having to go back to the cash register to get the same game. This traditional payment system that consists of a one-time purchase of a new version seems less harmful than others, but good. accepted, including when they target the youngest, based on microtransactions and “loot boxes”, virtual goodie bags, which some organizations and countries equate to gambling. And it’s a safe bet that it is Splatoon 3 will benefit from the same regime of many free updates as its predecessor.

Also by crediting an impeccable production, an artistic direction unique in its genre (thanks to the explosive encounter of street art, pop culture and modern Japan), incredibly inventive music of diversity and sip of pep, as well as a permanent good mood, it becomes difficult not to recommend, once again, this incomparable little multiplayer candy.

Pixel review:

We like:

  • the still unique visual identity and the still beautiful music;
  • the online experience has never been so smooth;
  • the campaign of a player who is absolutely right to be encouragedOcto-Expansion.

We don’t really like:

  • the absence of a real innovation that would justify the purchase without hesitation.

Better for you, if:

  • looking for less violent alternatives to multiplayer shooters;
  • you want to prolong the summer atmosphere with several squirts of water guns.

This is not for you, if:

  • you don’t like seafood;
  • your ego can’t handle being humiliated online by 10-year-olds who clearly play better than you.

Pixel Note:

Six of eight tentacles 🐙

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