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The visitor from the past

Let’s face it straight: the success that represents The visitor from the future you want to support him, despite its flaws. François Descraques willingly confessed this in an interesting interview with Point : despite the critical success of the web-series, which was able to find funding and gain momentum without losing its authenticity, it met only with closed doors. That’s where Kaamelott: First part is the product of a large television license, his work remains on the fringes of the well-established French industrial system, with a bonus of the courage to look at American science fiction, even the great post-grandson of terminator.

His persistence commands respect and immediately distinguishes him from the films of opportunistic youtubers who pollute multiplexes on rare occasions (you remember Less Normal Activities and The manor ? We are not). Descraques and his team are looking for a little capital of their relatively relative celebrity than to refuse and reorganize their universe to make it easier, without sacrificing anything of its foundations. Which is the D system and love.

The T-800 doesn’t need to worry too much

The Visitor from the Future a web-series adapted for the big screen. Neither the technical invoice nor the actor’s direction is fraudulent, neither the technical invoice nor the actor’s direction claims to be fraudulent, to be more precise. From the appearance of the famous guest, who camped in a Florent Dorin as invested as usual, the feature film claimed his transfer, in contrast to the aesthetic academicism of the great productions of the time. The film proudly reveals its ambitions which never claimed the false sophistication of imitation American blockbusters, leaving its seams exposed, seams that actually made his success.

The sets betraying the budget limitations and the actors moving too fast, instead of emphasizing the story, refers to the modesty, the touching inventiveness of YouTube’s beginnings, when the platform and its economy had yet to bury its most talented creators under megatons of disembodied content. Yes, you can be sure: the duo McFly and Carlito only act as a forced cameo, during a scene that recalls a touch of cynicism in the evolutions of the medium.

The visitor from the future: photo Carlito“And if we call Macron?”

Of course, the bigger budget allowed the band to change its ambitions upwards, even in terms of production design or special effects. The movie allows its own amazing shots, which the series never dared to dream of. But he can be proud that he never gave up a form of puritya direct relationship with its audience that institutional feature films can’t reach, no matter how many PAF icons are used.

The visitor from the future: photoA scene shot in Dunkirk, saving the special effects

The Corridors of Time

This is the reason why the avalanche of jokes and humor that focuses on his 104 minutes, sometimes random, smiles, even some laughter (except for the Belgians, maybe): the dynamic between Florent Morin, Raphaël Descraques , Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, Mathieu Poggi and Lénie Chérino, since 2009, very true. On the other hand, it will take more time to get used to the presence of Arnaud Ducret and Enya Baroux, representatives of a more conventional cinema, who are invited to create new challenges.

François Descraques certainly intends to expand not the web-series, but the entire universe of Visitor from the Future because it really borrows from the novel The package. However, It also aims to provide family entertainment, universal, which will appeal to moviegoers of all stripes, whether or not they are familiar with the saga. So our heroes meet Gilbert, a politician about to make big mistakes, and Alice, an activist determined to stop him. The opportunity to recycle the famous formula “This is what happens”which kicks off the series, on a larger scale, while introducing a whole new narrative arc.

The visitor from the future: photo Arnaud Ducret, Enya BarouxPikachu face.jpeg

Their story acts as a red thread, a slight imbalance in the edges, which takes care of bringing the different protagonists to different obligatory places, from the post-apo bar to the shelter of the weather brigade, passing through the Burrow of the pack, with the pretext of an ecological theme that comes from the pastiche (the first season) is serious, the 2020s must. An interesting idea, with coherence and subtlety however mistreated by other requirements of the scenario, a fortiori towards the end, which includes temporal paradoxes less irony than the series.

The balancing act is casually a bit risky with the fire veterans Dailymotion engaged in (how does it still exist?) so it’s more than risky. And they came out with honors, not without some difficulties. Not free from flaws, The visitor from the future it should be easy to convince the fans. It remains to be seen if its undeniable qualities will affect the general public, who really need someone to prove to them that we can invest in dark rooms without trying to do it the other way around. .

The visitor from the future: French poster

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