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Seeing photos of the new iPhone 14 Pros is one thing, but holding it in your hand is another. We don’t have a chance yet, but others have. We offer you a press review of the best publications.

iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Tech Radar

If the iPhone 14 is relatively poor in new features, at least compared to the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro, this is not the case with the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. These new iPhones represent the biggest redesign of the iPhone since Apple introduced the notch in the iPhone X. After their announcement, and while waiting for it to be received by the editorial office, we went through the catches that were published to our brothers.

Apple’s Dynamic Island

Let’s go straight to the most interesting new iPhone 14 Pro. If you follow, the notch is replaced by a pill. And, in order for us to pass the pill, Apple created the concept of ” Dynamic Islandor the dynamic island. Around this pill you have contextual information based on the app you are using or data related to notifications from other apps.

A small demonstration of Dynamic Island, which replaces the notch. #AppleEvent

— Numerama (@Numerama) September 7, 2022

For example, the dynamic island can display artwork for music you’ve started. It also integrates with the Clock app for things like stopwatches and timers. There is an integration with Apple Maps for navigation information, support for live events for real-time notifications, and more.

Nicolas Lellouche made the attempt Dynamic Island and seems very impressed with Apple’s work:

But thanks to the creativity of its software teams, Apple has managed to turn it into something very cool, which has come together. This is a small feat that will make all manufacturers jealous that also offer a camera cut from the screen (a “punch”) such as Samsung, Google, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo or OnePlus.


We also appreciated the possibility to touch the Dynamic Island for a few seconds to open a larger pop-up, for example to access the playback controls. How is this touch part? Again, Apple is smart. The island is just an illusion. In fact, there is a piece of the screen that remains black in the middle, and two small punches. Since the in-between is a screen, touching the island causes a reaction.

Same story with The Verge : “ The Dynamic Island is a big change for the iPhone 14 Pro, and its shape change seems like a playful way to make better use of the notch space. “.

By playing the difference, we can see that there are two signs. Apple turns off the pixels between the two holes // Source: Numerama

The interactions seem to be many and complex, we are far from the first wrong version.

Apple’s Dynamic Island interface is also excellent. For example, I have a song on Apple Music playing. When I exited the app, there was a small waveform on one side of the cutout and a mini thumbnail with album artwork on the other. When I clicked on the dynamic island, I was immediately taken to the song in the Apple Music app. -CNET

TechRadar this combination is also accepted: “This is a very cool feature, and Apple has created a surprise, turning it from a bad sight into something useful when navigating the phone. “.

Always On Special Apple

Another notable innovation is Always On. In this regard, Apple takes advantage of the OLED screen, whose consumption is controlled, by increasing the LTPO. This technology offers a dynamic refresh rate. Here, it changes from 10 to 120 Hz when using the smartphone and can also drop to 1 Hz when the screen is on standby. 1 Hz means that the screen is refreshed once every second, which makes it possible to reduce consumption.

iPhone 14 Pro Always On
iPhone 14 Pro and its Always On mode // Source: The Verge

Therefore, Apple introduced a screen saver that continues to display information, even if the smartphone is locked. In fact, this is a technology that already exists in the Android world.

Numeroma Note directly that the behavior is very different from what we know in Android. Here the content is just hidden, the displayed data cannot be changed.

What to think? Honestly, it’s disturbing. We looked at whether the function can be personalized in the settings and the only option offered is to deactivate it. Do you want to see your wallpaper all day, even if you don’t use your device for many hours? We’ll have to test the iPhone 14 Pro longer to find out. At first glance, the answer seems to be no. But maybe we will change our minds. – Numerama

The Verge looks more optimistic, especially thanks to the use of widgets:

Always works by showing information widgets on the screen without having to turn it on. You can check the weather, calendar information, and more. It looks great and the wallpapers even darken to match the Always On mode. It works with whatever wallpaper you’re using, and according to an Apple spokesperson, it’s all optimized to highlight faces when a face is detected. (to use Face ID at night).

A nice development at first glance

In twenty minutes of management, it is difficult to form an opinion on all the newcomers. We cannot test the performance, photos, videos and even a little autonomy.

Undoubtedly, after reading all these gripes, Apple made a great effort to change this generation of iPhone Pro. As we pointed out in this paper, this iOS smartphone seems more than worthy of its name “Pro”. He was criticized for a design that did not change fundamentally, but all the media welcomed the intelligently integrated novelties.

Camera improvements are the same as the iPhone Pro Max range, but we’re sure to win over a bit of performance – as well as the new Action mode. – Tech Radar

Overall, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max are just as solid as the previous generation, with some nice improvements under the hood — especially in the camera.– The Circle


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