Removal, misery, violence: explosive cocktail in the town hall of Cayenne

While a strike in the name of suffering at work shook the town hall of Cayenne at the beginning of the month, France-Guyana decided to return to a case that hit the headlines on August 10. A symptomatic case of daily misery that, facing administrative and/or hierarchical walls, ended in extreme violence.

At 11:52 a.m. on August 10, Jean-Philippe Dolor, Chief of Staff in the town hall of Cayenne since March 2018 available on the phone. Natasha Karamterritorial attaché, therefore executive A of the legal department, entered his office.

He entered his superior’s office by sneaking behind an employee. Immediately, insults rained down, the office was vandalized and ransacked. Then from there, the collected versions diverge.

Jean-Philippe Dolor in his complaint was filed 1h30 after the facts of the Cayenne police station claimed to have been hit. “He hit me on the head several times. […] So he went to the ground[e] to me to hit me with his hands on the head.”
I never hit him”, Natacha Karam assured on her part.
The day after this argument, Sandra Trochimarathe Mayor of Cayenne signed a four months suspension with serious misconduct of the municipal employee without waiting for the legal outcome of the case. Suspension does not mean suspension of frame A treatment.

General fatigue at work

A few weeks later, the August 29to be precise, Guyanese Labor Union (UTG) went on strike at 4 am. All municipal services are affected: canteen, police… The union members rely on the announcement of the strike on March 9… I mean if the weakness is deep.
Our meetings have been going on for more than seven months”, mocked Leandre Thierry, secretary general of UTG in our columns.
Our careers are blocked, the organization of the General Directorates of Services is terrible and we also have problems with harassment, he complained. The term harassment will be used here to criticize a certain pressure that managers get on agents. The strikers also explained a ” shelving some colleagues“and on”combustion.

Exactly what Natacha Karam criticized in a letter, which we obtained, addressed to the mayor, on August 18.
I am a public territory agent since 1er April 2014 and a permanent contract with the Mayor of Cayenne. I have been harassed by several principals, including an elected official, through my work in this community. However, I was subjected to a situation of harassment and defamation for four years which I denounced in several emails. I filed a complaint for psychological and verbal violence as well as moral harassment.

An implicitly identified shelving

Four years wardrobe, a psychological violence that puts the lawyer no longer in a dynamic function, intellectually motivated to find solutions to the many squats in the city, his specialty, but in what is called a bullshit job.

In his complaint, Jean-Philippe Dolor fully recognized this shelf without finding any reason for it. “I have had no contact with Madame Karam since 2019. […] As of 28/10/2020, the executive has changed [Sandra Trochimara succède après un conseil municipal exceptionnel à Marie-Laure Phinéra-Horth] and suddenly he stopped doing squats
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