Perennial spring flowers to sow in autumn in the ground or in pots: how to plant them

Which spring perennials to sow in autumn in open ground or in pots and how to plant them after the madness for growing vegetables this year? Maybe you don’t have any perennials. You will enjoy their many colors and shapes for years to come. Like spring, it’s a good time to plant fall perennials. This planting will save you precious hours in the spring when there is so much work to do that you don’t know who to tackle first. According to experts, decorative plants also like this agricultural technique. He tested them in the cold of winter, made them strong, mobilized their inner resources. The result is generous and in most cases earlier flowering than usual.

In autumn you can plant almost any perennial flower

The earth is still warm

Most perennials you buy come in pots. These plants can enter your garden all year round, but fall is one of the best times because the soil is still warm. Because they take root before the winter months, they grow rapidly in the spring. Some perennials are also available as “bare-root” plants instead of being planted in pots. It should be planted while they are still dormant: from November to March.

It should not be planted in freezing weather or severe drought

plant perennial flower spring autumn balcony in white

New perennial planting plans

As you can tell from the name, perennial flowers appear every year, so plants started now will bloom next season and for many years to come. There are very good reasons why planting in the fall can be better than planting in the spring. So it’s surprising that many people don’t. Fall weather is more consistent – spring can be a difficult time for planting with the odd late frost or potential dry spell.

Early autumn is more likely to have stable temperatures and reliable rain

plant flowers in autumn spring flower bed near a lawn



The best time for winter planting is late October or early November when the cold autumn weather arrives. The seeds can be sown even after the first snow falls. But in this case, the seedbed should be made in advance until the ground freezes. The sowing of flowers in the fall is done more widely and less deeply than in the spring, because the cold winter will reduce the growth of the plants. If the seeds germinate well in spring, they are always thin. In winter, the selection of seeds in flower shops is wider than at any other time. You can also buy seeds through a special online store for specific advice.

September is the beginning of the next year’s garden rather than the end of it

planting perennial flowers in autumn flowering finger sowing the soil

Plant flowers

When choosing them, make sure to buy the ones that suit your preferences and the conditions of your garden or balcony. Many perennials really love the sun while others prefer full or partial shade. You can also consider their different benefits: some are evergreen, some attract bees and butterflies

Some make good ground covers

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If it does not harm the plant, remove it from its growing pot. Use a trowel to dig a very large planting hole (twice the size of the root ball). Save the soil at the bottom of the hole. Add enough garden mold to make sure the plant is deeper below the surface than it is in the potted plant. Gently tamp the soil. Water the plant.

Place the plant in the hole and fill the excavated garden soil

planting perennial flowers in autumn planting two handed planting

The perfect companions

Perennials are perfect companions for flower bulbs. Both can be planted in autumn and complement each other beautifully in a flower bed. They are perennials that can go through different areas of a border. Masterwort (Astrantia) and Purpletop Vervain (Verbena) are prime examples.

We are talking about “aerated filling plants”

plant perennial flowers in autumn easy two hand plant cuttings

Purpletop Vervain (Verbena)

plant a perennial autumn flower at the end of June vervena in the flowerbed

Masterwort (Astrantia)

plant perennial flower in autumn pink astrantia flower

Prairie Wildflower Seed Mix

It is possible to create your own wildflower meadow even if the seeds are sown later than necessary. You can see some of these starting to bloom now (it’s usually spring) with beautiful candy orange California poppies popping out among drifts of white ‘gypsophila’. You can also pick cornflowers, pink poppies and many other unknown flowers that are starting to open. A meadow mix is ​​a collection of annual and perennial flowers and herbs. Since there is still a decent amount of bare soil between the plants, many annuals will also drop seeds and return to the stage for an encore next year.

Many of them will continue to bloom next year

plant perennial flowers in the spring autumn flowers flowers

Perennials planted in autumn have time to establish their roots and have a head that begins to arrive in spring, they will be more advanced and bloom more than those planted next year. Less competition with weeds. Weeds will disappear, if you control the summer flowers. There will be less competition with your new plants for light and nutrients.


plant perennial autumn helenium yellow orange

Perennials and grasses with spring-flowering bulbs

Mix perennials and grasses with spring-flowering bulbs. This is the most important. Some of the most interesting and pleasing plant combinations can be achieved with bold architectural bulbs such as alliums mixed with plants or other extreme forms. As the spring flowering bulbs are planted in September/October it is better to plant perennials now, if you do it the other way you can disturb your bulbs. There is an element of fun when late bulbs like alliums suddenly appear with their showy white or purple pom poms dotting the garden.

Allium and ornamental grasses

plant perennial flowers in autumn summer lilac onion

In the case of tulips and daffodils, they are the first to appear in a dull garden and are always beautiful. Areas of muted winter colors suddenly turn bright pinks, purples and oranges.

Your beds will suddenly come alive in the spring

plant perennial flowers in autumn in May tulips and daffodils

Seseleria autumnalis (Autumn heath grass)

Sesleria automna plants a perennial flower in autumn and winter

Geranium ‘Havana Blues’

geranium havana blue plant perennial flower in autumn maintenanceThe “new living style”

A large number of main plants are used in the “new perennial style” so that they can easily blend together to create a cohesive look. Natural style is all about mixing textures and shapes. The soft grasses and colors allow the plants to sing without competing with each other.

It is a question of creating zones of “rest” in view

plant a perennial flower in autumn in May


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