Mystery of Daval: Internet users are outraged by the fiction of TF1

The Daval affair was a news item then followed by all of France since it broke up a few years ago. To mark the spirits, TF1 will broadcast the drama on September 12, 2022. The fiction titled “The Mystery of Daval” records the highlights of this real-life murder case.

The husband who just cries on screen because of the death of his wife, Alexia, is actually the killer. However, netizens were angry. They think there is more to it “too early”. They also criticized this chain voyeurism and his “financial incentive”.

“The Mystery of Daval” is it true to the real facts?

“The Mystery of Daval” a TV show directed by Christophe Lamotte. Its ambition is to retrace the Daval movement. It describes the event that happened on October 27 and 28, 2017 when Alexia Daval, reported missing, found dead in the woodshalf of the body was burnt.

This shocking story is still well-publicized. He will even succeed in shocking the victim’s parents and all the French. In fact, after several twists and turns in the case, the husband refused and confessed that he killed his wife. His work earns him money 25 years in prison for the crime.

Viewers will see the drama from a different perspective, with famous actors. Alexia Daval will play Maud Baecker. Actor Liam Baty will play the role of her husband Jonathan Daval. Michèle Bernier and Jérôme Anger will play the role of the victim’s parents, Isabelle and Jean-Pierre Caillot.

The interpreter of victim in the caseMaud Baecker, said:

“We tried to be as close as possible to reality. This is the adaptation of a book by two journalists who followed the case. There is no bias or extrapolation. The idea is to show the strict progress of this investigation. »

The actress is still scared the reactions of relatives and viewers of this true drama.

So the Daval family accepted the broadcast?

Many criticized the Fouillot couple (Alexia’s parents) for airing the show on TV. Internet users think that the Daval family must have against fulfillment in that film about their private lives.

“I don’t understand how you can make a film about that tragedy, maybe the parents will give their permission,” commented one user.

Others added:

“If I were the parent, I would have refused this film”, “As parents, I would have forbidden the distribution of this film, but they must have given their permission and in fact we know everything about this story. »

However, the family of the victim, even the convict, cannot forbid a fiction based on their story. It cannot express itself if the content is harmful.

The parents of the victim wrote a book about the tragic event. It is called one “Alexia, our daughter”. However, “The Mystery of Daval” did not rely on their book. The TV show was written according to the work of journalists Christophe Dubois and Laurent Briot: “The Alexia Daval Affair, the true story”.

For good reason, this book contains the testimony of all the protagonists of the case. However, the Fouillot family did not comment the distribution of the film. Moreover, their agreement is not required for its production.

“The Mystery of Daval” made people angry

Americans are used to it account of social realities and dramas. However, fictions on the subject are still new for the French. This is why TF1 is fighting public skepticism.

This is not the first time. chain already received some reviews about“A French Activity”, the fiction that recounts the murder of Gregory Villemin. However, the production wants to try the experiment again “The Mystery of Daval” and the killing of Alexia Daval.

Internet users like to comment as soon as they know the broadcast of the TV show. Many call this design a“bad” and on “embarrassed”. Most focused selfish and immoral act parents who want to make money from this morbid drama.

Here’s what some netizens thought:

“No, I don’t look at money in death”, “I don’t see the point except to make money…”, “All this to make more money!” », « We know the story !!!! We will put a layer on it, we wonder who benefits from it….. I have a little idea…. », « TF1 you have no dignity, to make a film on the Daval affair… everything is good to monetize. »

The others just don’t look a scary film. Many are angry, like what, it’s too early for the case. Some just don’t talk. Others found the TV show to be the same “not good for families”.

But, another person still say :

“There is a fiction about the Daval affair… What voyeurism, what shameful use of a drama that has moved the whole of France… Of course I will watch! »

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