Gas, electricity, wood… Which solution should be favored for heating in the context of exploding energy costs?

Between January and October 2021, the prices of natural gas, almost exclusively imported from abroad, increased by almost 50%. They have not operated since, due to the implementation of the tariff shield. Without the latter, the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) announced a few days ago that the prices should increase by + 105.10% including tax for the entire period?! The government system also makes it possible to prevent the acceleration of electricity prices up to 4% in the year 2022, when the CRE recommended an increase of ten times greater at the beginning of the year.

Gas and electricity are exploding, and this is not yet

Yes but here it is. Although Gabriel Attal, Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, announced last weekend that the government will still act in 2023 to limit price inflation, the tariff shield will certainly last less than the price explosion of these forces, amid international tensions and environmental concerns. the French nuclear fleet.

Electricity, pellets, gas, oil… How do you heat your town?

Those who thought they got a good deal by choosing an offer whose prices are indexed by the markets can now prove it, with double-digit increases in recent months. For those who are concerned, the site of the National Energy Mediator ( offers a comparison of different offers, to find the most interesting.

“It’s very easy to change a supplier, all you have to do is open a contract to directly terminate the old one. But it must be ensured that the offer is indexed to the regulated prices. »

Caroline Keller (Head of the information and communication service of the independent public authority)

With such uncertainty about gas and electricity, it may be time to think about a new heating option. “This winter, it’s a bit late because the artisans’ order books are full. But it’s time to ask questions, said Anne Savignon, director of the local agency for energy and climate in Nièvre. It is an expensive investment so you need to take the time, talk to your France Rénov advisor to choose the best solution for your home. »

Why, at the dawn of a major energy crisis, the state of health of the French nuclear fleet is worrying

Wood remains the most interesting energy

Because not everyone can. If you are currently operating with central heating, you can replace your gas or oil boiler with a heat pump or wood boiler. In the case of decentralized heating, the solution can be by changing the radiators – new ones that provide greater comfort and allow the thermostat to be lowered – or by an additional heating system through installing a wood burning stove. “Despite the increase in the price of pellets and their temporary shortage, wood remains the cheapest energy, confirms Anne Savignon. In addition, wood is mostly local and sustainable because our forests are well managed. »

The photovoltaic sector continues to build itself

Photovoltaics can also prove to be a reliable option, although the question of self-consumption is still ongoing, production is higher in summer, and necessary in winter.

But by the way, do you need to replace the heating system to lower your bill?? “Sometimes it’s not the first thing to do and that’s not where you should focus your investments,” warns Florence Clément, head of consumer information at Ademe.


Insulating your home can also be a solution

And to add, “once you have reduced your heating needs by insulating your home, you can put technical solutions at the back adapted to the new situation”.

For Anne Savignon, the difficulties of this year 2022, which must be answered immediately, should be an opportunity for more global reflection.

“We must work over time, in terms of structure, to free ourselves from expensive energy and hydrocarbons, while trying to go to greater stability, limiting its consumption and finding waste” , finished professionally in Nivernaise.

Maxime Escot

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