Cyberpunk 2077 Update 1.6: 60 FPS on Xbox Series S, Weapons… (39.5 GB) | Xbox One

Tonight’s broadcast of Night City Wire is an opportunity to raise the curtain on the first expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, but also the update 1.6, called Edgerunners update.

New Cyberpunk 2077 Update

It was first announced that this update 1.6 will be the last major update to be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It will bring many new features such as a wardrobe system, cross-platform progression, an arcade mini-game that called Roach Race, and is a performance mode on the Xbox Series S.

REDmod has also been revealed and should help PC players integrate mods. Unfortunately, there is no “New Game +” mode in this update, but the studio has indicated that it is still working on it.

Let’s welcome the Edgerunners update. To celebrate Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a living anime set in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, this new free update brings you anime-inspired goodies, and a bunch of new features and content to explore. . .

New in Update 1.6:

Below are the main new features of the 1.6 update. The full patch notes in French with details of the fixes can be found at this address.

It is now available on all consoles and weighs in particular 39.5 GB on the Xbox Series X.

More content

  • cupboard
    • Wardrobe allows you to change the look of your clothing without changing your armor’s stats. You can create up to 6 outfits using clothes you own by accessing an apartment’s wardrobe or V hideout, then selecting them from inventory.
  • 6 new guns
    • Kappa (smart gun)
    • Senkoh LX (technical submachine gun)
    • Iconic Hypercritical Sniper Rifle (obtainable in Contract: Concrete Trap)
    • VST-37 (Kinetic Pump Shotgun)
    • MA70 HB (Kinetic Light Machine Gun)
    • Kyubi (kinetic assault rifle)
  • 5 new weapon weapons:
    • Neurotoxic Knife (+ Iconic Blue Fang variant)
    • Thug Knife (+ iconic Headhunter variant)
    • Claw (ax)
    • Razor (machete)
    • Cut-o-Matic (chainsword)
  • Progress of the cross
    • A cross-platform development feature, called Cross development, has been added. Your latest save is automatically saved in the cloud, so you can continue your game on other platforms. Cross progression provides the most recent save of each type (quick save, auto save, manual save, etc.). The feature becomes available when you log in with your account (from the main menu or from the Load Game menu in-game). Cross development may be limited for console versions with regional restrictions. Click on the> to find out more.
  • Inside Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
    • Secrets related to the animated series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners have been added and can be discovered in Night City. It includes new tools and new features for photo mode.
  • Arcade game: Roach Race
    • You can now play a new mini-game in Night City arcades, including those in Northside, Japan Town, and the Glen apartments. Climb the leaderboard to win special prizes, including cash and items! If you enjoyed Roach Race in Cyberpunk 2077, don’t miss the mobile version for> and>. However, keep in mind that your records are separated between the in-game version and the mobile version.
  • Nibbles in photo mode
    • Now you can photograph Nibbles in photo mode! In photo mode, open the “Pose” tab and select Nibbles in the “Character” section. Note that this option is only available after you invite Nibbles to V’s apartment.
  • Added a new performance mode to the Xbox Series S
    • Enabled in Settings > Video > Graphics Mode. This mode targets the display rate of 60 frames per second at 900p with a dynamic range of resolution (from 800p to 1080p).

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