Behind the scenes of a successful premiere at the Parc des Princes

PSG’s new look, Campos-Galtier version, kicked off the Champions League campaign on Tuesday night against Juventus Turin. Victory 2-1 where Paris first shined before shaking.

The atmosphere of beautiful nights

The pyrotechnic show at the Auteuil corner overshadowed a good night. When the Champions League anthem starts to sound, the fans and the twenty-two actors look towards the tribune red with smoke. This scene must have been sanctioned by UEFA but many will remember these pictures. On the ground, Paris successfully passed this first test.

First win against Juventus in the European Cup. Inevitably, in the official gallery, the faces of Parisians are smiling, happy to start this campaign in this way. On the other hand, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli is headless on good days. “He seems to be somewhere else, like a lost sheep”, tells us a witness who was present in a few lines from the Italian. Nasser al-Khelaïfi went to congratulate the players in the locker room at the end of the match. A first victory that needs to be confirmed. “We have to continue like this,” said the PSG boss inside.

Neymar and Mbappé talk again about the action of the 51st in relaxation

In the field, one person stands out and of course Kylian Mbappé. A double of his first two real situations. PSG’s number 7, “hard to stop” according to Massimiliano Allegri, proves his love for this competition. He scored his 34th and 35th Champions League goals. The Blues striker even attempted a hat-trick in the 51st minute. Well launched from deep by Lionel Messi, he preferred to shoot hard as Neymar was alone at the far post. The whole stadium saw it. With a half-disbelieving, half-angry look, the Brazilian showed his frustration without adding to it. His teammate searches to find the beginning of an explanation. Mbappé answered him a few seconds later, using his hands, to tell him that he did not see him. Christophe Galtier was asked about this topic in a press conference: “I don’t know if Kylian saw Ney. I don’t have the right angle. Obviously this goal is the same as comfort. But we started it good competition.”

After the game, the coach will review the pictures to realize the obvious but not to burden the double scorer of the night. Neymar and Kylian Mbappé talked about it again in a relaxed way. There is no controversy. The Frenchman will not leave with the ball but with the trophy for the best player of the game.

Galtier, tense, settled the sand yachting affair

This is not the only controversy he has had to air out. Because Christophe Galtier had to do the whole day in the famous “sand yacht” activity, the means of transport he used to joke about PSG’s not really green transport. A joke that did not go well with public opinion and the world of politics since the reactions rained throughout the day, until the Prime Minister in the afternoon. It is not good for the preparation of a match that could condition the continuation of the Parisian adventure of Galtier, who has not been proven at this level, he who has not yet won the Champions League.

In the upper echelons of PSG, we expect the former Lille coach to react after his dumpling that caused so much outrage. Before the game, discussions are held to determine when is the best time to talk about this topic. Christophe Galtier finally decided to discuss it after the meeting. “This is a joke of bad quality and not at the right time. Believe me, I am concerned about the problems of the climate, the problems of our planet”, he explained in the preamble of the press conference before the match, even before the first question was asked.

This is the first communication mistake of someone who is usually very skilled in front of the media. Although he appeared a little tense before the meeting according to someone close to the locker room. He received support from Luis Campos. The two men allegedly exchanged blows before the game, during identification on the lawn. Then they fell into each other’s arms at the final whistle. That’s it, Christophe Galtier won his first match in the most beautiful competitions in Europe.

By Fabrice Hawkins and Arthur Perrot

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