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Ukraine will receive 850 Black Hornet mini-drones, as part of equipment deliveries from the United Kingdom and Norway, to counter the Russian invasion. These tiny flying machines fit in the palm of one hand and are “virtually silent”.

The small, black-colored propeller-driven contraption, which looks like a small helicopter, fits in the palm of one hand. This is what the Black Hornet drone looks like, of which the Ukrainian army will receive a large number: the United Kingdom and Norway will provide it with 850 of these devices as part of a new military aid of 62 million euros intended for to deal with The invasion of Russia, says the British daily The Telegraph in an article seen in the magazine International mail at the end of August.

“The best on the market”

A Black Hornet drone, operated in 2017 by a British soldier. (Image: Corporal Daniel Wiepen / / Wikimedia Commons / Open Government License)

The Black Hornet is “equipped with an interchangeable camera for day or night thermal imaging filming” and used “for reconnaissance and intelligence operations”, indicates the French army, which has such devices.

It can fly for 25 minutes, says the American company Teledyne FLIR, the parent company of the Norwegian company Prox Dynamics, which develops things manufactured in the Scandinavian kingdom, says the specialized media Defense News.

In a video, the Army also explained that the operators of the device have a “flight and control tablet”, as well as a remote control. This is “best in the market”assured a researcher at the German Center for Aeronautics and Astronautics in The Telegraph. These machines can “game changer”, he believed.

“The drone is used for reconnaissance operations or to identify targets, said Bjørn Arild Gram, the Norwegian Defense Minister. It is easy to operate, durable, hard to detect and especially suited to urban combat situations. »

Due to its small size, “it can be used almost anywhere”, identifies its manufacturer. And he is “almost silent”. But some of the larger, commercially available drones “has a longer range, better wind resistance, and has better resolution cameras”, however, angered the American radio station Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

“A very useful reconnaissance device”

A US serviceman holds a Black Hornet drone in 2016. (Photo: Mike Blake/Reuters)

“The Black Hornet is reputed to be able to enter buildings through open doors or windows, making it a very useful reconnaissance device in urban situations,” says specialist British journalist David Hambling, who was interviewed by The Telegraph. It was mainly used by the British army in Afghanistan, which lined the American magazine Wired in 2013.

This topic highlights the importance of drones in conflict. The Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 used in Ukraine has caused heavy casualties to the Russian military. These machines have been famous in the country since the beginning of the Russian invasion, they are even the subject of a popular song in their honor.

Drones are the focus of a statement released by the British Ministry of Defence on the Twitter social network, Tuesday, September 6, 2022. “Due to combat losses, it is likely that Russia will face difficulties in maintaining its drone stocks, a trend exacerbated by the lack of components resulting from international sanctions, we read in this document. The limited availability of reconnaissance drones […] likely to further hinder Russian operations. »

According to information from Reuters news agency, citing a “executive of the American administration”, Russia seeks to gain “hundreds of you” Iran-made drones for use in Ukraine. However, from the same source, the Russian army could face “Many failures”with these tools.

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