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Why go to Portugal?

Different scenes

Portugal will surprise you with its beauty and variety of landscapes: long beaches and caves in the south of the country in the Algarve region, beautiful mountains in the north, hilly landscapes and plains in the land of the center of the country, view of the volcano of The Azores, large cities with historical heritage and beautiful little streets and many small fishing ports on the coast.

An excellent gastronomy

Pasteis de Nata, Balcalhau or Port wine, delicious Portuguese gastronomy. Fans of fish and especially cod will be delighted, the Portuguese know how to prepare it in 365 different ways, one a day. Portuguese cuisine is generous, you will find traditional dishes that vary according to cooking and preparation: bacalhau cozido (boiled), assado (grilled), assado na brasa (barbecue) or com nata (with cream) . Portugal is also known for pasteis de nata, these little flans with a cinnamon flavor, hard to resist after a meal.

A warm welcome

This is a unanimous opinion, the Portuguese are very welcoming and it is always pleasant when you go to a foreign country. Glad that the Portuguese will advise you, guide you and make you discover the wonders of their country. The atmosphere is positive, the joie de vivre is significant and even contagious.

A cultural treasure

One of the most important countries in the world several centuries ago, Portugal retains a strong culture and an impressive historical legacy. We can take the example of azulejos, these small earthen tiles that are present almost everywhere and tell the history of the country. This is also the case of fado, this music that is strong in emotions, a symbol of the desire for another place, of the sadness and the hope of the Portuguese several centuries ago. A very Catholic country, Portugal is the place of many religious festivals, they are unforgettable events and a sight for everyone.

A preserved architecture

Traveling to Portugal means traveling through time and discovering centuries-old monuments perfectly integrated into the modern landscape. The cities of Lisbon and Porto are perfect examples: this mix of modernity and history between the beautiful little streets of these cities and the newer constructions that form a beautiful harmony.

A beautiful climate

Living in Portugal is a privileged situation, the country benefits from a favorable climate with mild winter temperatures and high levels of sunshine. So you can go to Portugal all year round.

What to do in Portugal?


Portugal – Lisbon

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Famous for its gentle life, the city of Lisbon keeps it real part, it is an ideal place for exploring the beautiful little streets, typical of Portuguese culture. The city is home to an impressive historical heritage: lovers of art and history will delight in the magnificent Tour de Bélem or the many museums. At the end of the day, admire the city from one of the belvederes and continue the night by tasting delicious Lisbon gastronomy to the tunes of fado. If you stay a few days, take a train to Sintra to discover the beautiful Pena Palace and the Moorish Castle, a change of scenery is guaranteed.




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To discover completely atypical scenes, the Algarve region is a perfect region. It is nicknamed the California of Europe because of its unspoiled beaches, brilliant climate and beautiful hinterland villages. But what makes the beauty and charm of this region in the south of the country above all the unique caves, especially in Benagil which is an important stop for the stay in the Algarve.




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The Portuguese island of Madeira is a popular destination : sun all year round, unspoilt nature and beautiful scenery. The island is nicknamed “life-size garden” because the foral presence is important, it is a a real visual spectacle. Located on the coast of Morocco, the island of Madeira is also an ideal place for lovers of hiking and water sports, it is home to many mountains and its Atlantic coast is a perfect playground for surfers.

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Among the modernity and history, Porto offers the perfect setting for an Iberian stay. While walking around some districts, you will get the impression of traveling back in time, many historical buildings dating back several centuries are fully highlighted. The city has many places where you can land to admire the incredible views, go to one of the great bridges or to the heights of the city. Porto is also this famous light wine, it is possible to visit the cellars, wine lovers will be delighted.

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