TPMP: harassed and threatened with death, this columnist made a radical decision…

Victim of threats on social networks, Yassine Belattar wants to start a new chapter in his life. Comedian and columnist “TPMP” tired of the constant stress and thinking of leaving the country. At the same time, he also likes it end his career.

victims of threats

Comedian Yassine Belattar has received many death threats on his Facebook page. Malicious netizens also insulted him. That forced him to make a sharp decision.

“Christchurch 2 is a great revenge for the Bataclan (…) Shaved heads in your theater, hihi”, commented a surfer with a pseudonym.

There is an armed soldier as a profile picture, this Internet user very clear. He warned the comedian and told him to protect himself because he was about to arrive. Note that this is not the first time this Facebook user has made threats.

A few days agohe already informed the columnist of “TPMP” :

“We will launch a small fatwa on the cinemas where you (yourself) produce (…) You know more about kidnapping, for me”

The Internet user refers to an accusation made against the comedian. The truth is that in the past, a far-right journalist would have accused him of sequestering him in his theater.

Desires from other areas of TPMP

For his part, the columnist of “TPMP” regretting everything said about him. He will not accept any more threats and contemplated retiring from public life.

“For five years, I was the darling of the far right. But this time, I was angry, the border had been crossed. We threatened to blow up the theater where I played (…) I thought about stopping my career, the conditions to play safely were no longer met. No diversity personality is safe,” he explained.

According to Yassine Belattar, all this chaos is because of social networks. For him, the anonymity of users is favored “the rightmost extension”. Reason why those on the far left constantly threatened.

If the situation does not improve, the comedian may leave the country. He couldn’t stand having his every move constantly scrutinized. He wants to start a new chapter in his life in Morocco.

Accused, accusations and battles

In 2019, Yassine Belattar will face justice. The comedian is has been the subject of numerous complaints of threats and harassment. Among those who accused him was the comedian Bruno Gaccio. The two men had a slight disagreement while working on “The Big Show”.

According to the actor, it should be Yassine Belattar made threats against him. He should have told her that he was going to attack her family. What alerted him and pushed him to file a complaint. In front of the investigators, the columnist of “TPMP” shows cash.

He admits to making these statements, but only after Bruno’s relentless provocation. According to him, the latter he had no choice. However, even though he made these threats, he said he never intended to act.

During his hearing, Yassine Belattar was also questioned about another case. A case where he is suspected of having threatened by Kader Aoun. The latter claimed, in fact, to have received insults and threats from the comedian.

He even handed over the recordings of the phone conversation to the police to prove it. In these recordings, we hear the recorder of “TPMP” make serious remarks. His partner responded enthusiastically.

For information, the conflict between two men was born out of a dispute over the sale of the Théâtre de Dix Heures. The comedian, who is a minority shareholder, accused Kader Aoun of trying to buy back shares without first consulting him.

It must be said that in recent years, Yassine Belattar has been talked about a lot. Not only for harassment cases, but also for stories of fights. In September 2021, for example, the comedian has a heated exchange with Éric Naulleau.

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