To avoid the shortage: how to save 10% gas at home this winter?

Turning your thermostats down a bit can be enough to save 10% on gas. (©

Russia is turning off the taps, winter is coming, and the government is preparing households to limit consumption. Because to avoid the lack of gas, whether for individuals or businesses, Elisabeth Borne repeated this in the will: “We must save money. »

visitor to France Interthe Prime Minister has even set targets to avoid running out of fuel.

If we can lower gas consumption by 10%, there will be no problems.

Elisabeth BornePrime Minister

The Matignon tenant also asked the companies to make an effort.

To achieve this amount of savings, some actions are required. they are recognized for 13.7 million homes that use this energy.

Heating, where we eat the most gas

EDF ensures that heating represents 83% of our gas consumption.

or blinding is the solution to radically reduce its consumption, these works are not necessarily accessible to all. Very expensive.

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In this case, it is advisable to look at small steps that may be possible to save money.

One of the most important according to Engiecontacted by balita.fris to reduce all heating to 19°C, this will make it possible to reach the desired 10%.

EDF also recommends placing the thermometer on 17°C at night.

But there are other actions that allow you to make some savings, practical to preserve energy, the planet and the wallet:

  • install thermostatic valves on your radiators: “up to 5% energy savings. »
  • installation and heating regulation and programming system: “up to 10% less gas used”, according to EDF.

This last option makes it possible especially to leave the heating at a lower temperature if you are not there during the day. It is best to avoid vacuum heating.

Optimize heat

It is not necessarily the first thought that comes to mind when we talk about heating, but we can optimize the heat and its distribution. For this, Engie lists some simple actions:

  • properly dust the air inlet grilles and outlets of your appliances twice a year;
  • do not put laundry in it;
  • preventing furniture from coming into contact with radiators;
  • clean them at least once a year, before the heating season.

Ventilating your home for five minutes a day can also reduce your energy consumption.

In addition to displacing indoor pollution, it reduces humidity levels, and a drier home heats up more quickly and easily.


And for businesses?

Contacted by, Engie indicated that for the industrial sector, the solution could be “to delay production according to consumption peaks.”

Shorter rains

EDF estimates that domestic hot water production represents 11% of a household’s gas consumption.

Therefore, it is better to think about some actions, such as choosing a water-saving shower head, turning off the water during spraying and not taking a long shower. Five minutes is enough.

Also, the shower is often less energy intensive than a bath.

A bath between 150 and 200 liters of water. A shower, between 30 and 60 liters. The level of gas consumption, it is all seen!


The bread lid

Cooking with gas accounts for approximately 6% of daily gas consumption. If it has many advantages such as low energy consumption, it is still possible to save.

Thus, by covering pots or even pots during cooking, you can save up to 30% gas.

Other actions

Combined, we know that other small daily actions make it possible to save without spending in the first place.

Thus we can say the adjustment of a water heater between 55 and 60 degrees, the installation of a water aerator (which also makes it possible to save water).

Push the faucet handle to its coldest position, so that when you turn it back on, the gas water heater won’t restart for no reason!


Good interview

Don’t forget that keeping your boiler running can save up to 12% gas.

Finally, every 15 years, you should check if you need to change your gas boiler.

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