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Simplify everyday life. Since the health crisis, the way we work has continued to evolve. After telecommuting, make way for hybrid work that skillfully combines remote and face-to-face work and that imposes new ways of organizing one’s days. Faced with this flexibility, a simple laptop or MacBook Pro that commutes between the office and home is no longer enough. For the start of the school year, “20 Minutes” recommends a variety of accessories that will simplify your daily life.

Protection: The Dynabook anti-theft device

Traveling a lot with your laptop? You are working open space or to flex office ? The Dynabook anti-theft cable (ref: PA5364U-1KCL) secures your PC. Its pivoting head with 9.8mm lock fits into a USB socket (even on the thinnest PCs), while the cable goes around something stationary. 22 euros.

The PA5364U-1KCL cable lock from Dynabook. – DYNABOOK

Our opinion: A small investment to prevent major injuries! Made of carbon steel, this accessory secures and prevents malicious people while you refer to the world of the coffee machine.

Talk: the Talk 65 headset, from Jabra

The Jabra Talk 65 Bluetooth headset is designed for noisy environments. transportation, office, open space… its two microphones combined with effective sound processing reduce parasitic noise by 80%. With a distance of 100 meters, easily move from your workstation to participate, more quietly, in a conversation. Direct access to its voice assistant allows you to dial a number, even when you are away from your smartphone. Its 14-hour talk time avoids repeated recharging. 99 euros.

The Jabra Talk 65 headset.
The Jabra Talk 65 headset. – JABRA

Our opinion: In addition to its technical qualities, this headset has the advantage of discretion and is completely comfortable to wear. However, this alone is not much of an office headset. Practical on the street, thanks to its protection against dust and water (IP54 standard), unfortunately remains unsuitable for listening to music.

Connect: Kensington UH1400p Hub

With its UH1400p, Kensington offers a complete hub. A true universal docking station, this small accessory that plugs into USB-C on a Mac or PC offers excellent connections: 3 x USB-A; 1x USB-C; an SD card slot; a micro-SD card slot, and even a 4K HDMI port. It also has an Ethernet socket. The device can even be used as a charger (via an optional 100W adapter (ref: K33821UK/EU, sold for 69 euros). 82 euros.

The Kensington UH1400p bub.
The Kensington UH1400p bub. – KENSINGTON

Our opinion: With this mobile hub plug & play, no questions asked: the device is multi-compatible and does not require any driver to be installed. Extremely compact, it slides anywhere and fits in a computer bag. Only regret: it gets a bit hot in use.

Store: Western Digital’s MyCloud Home Server

Allows you to store, protect, but also share your documents and files MyCloud Home from Western Digital is available in different capacities: from 2 TB for small uses to 8 TB for the most demanding. To be directly connected to its Wifi router, this hosting solution is customizable. Thus it is possible to automate the backup of this or that type of document, but also to host different clouds (Dropbox, Google Drive, Facebook, etc.); back up the contents of a particular computer, etc. From 159 euros.

Western Digital's MyCloud Home system.
Western Digital’s MyCloud Home system. – WESTERN DIGITAL

Our opinion: MyCloud Home acts as a real server where you can connect remotely, from a smartphone or computer, as long as you have a Wifi connection. On the move, we appreciate its reduced weight (less than a kilo) and easy access from a mobile application, with fingerprint protection.

Recharge: The port of the X-Moove Energy Station

With its atypical design in the form of a flat stone and its back covered with fabric, the X-Moove Energy Station charging dock hides its base with five sockets for multiple cables carefully hidden and rolled up behind a plastic membrane. : a flat for the sector; 3 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C, not including induction charging (10 W). The device allows you to recharge most equipment, depending on the selected cables, from the watch connected to the MacBook. About 40 euros.

The X-Move Power Station.
The X-Move Power Station. – X-MOOVE

Our opinion: The advantage of this station is the ability to recharge several devices at the same time, while continuing to work. Beware of computer-intensive applications, however (such as editing, 3D): the Energy Station, if it is used excessively, will interrupt the charge.

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