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War between Ukraine and Russiacase

Contacted by “CheckNews”, the former elected socialist returned his comments on the bombing of the Mariupol maternity hospital, which he retracted, and where he regretted the instrumentalization.

“I was wrong.” Contacted by CheckNewsSégolène Royal finally recognized a “wrong”. On September 1, the former socialist candidate for the presidency of the Republic provoked angry and sometimes horrified reactions by questioning the truth of many abuses in Russia, especially the bombing of the maternity hospital in Mariupol, where he proposed that he had no casualties. . “Everyone knows that there is propaganda of war through fearsaid Royal. If the first event is said, motherhood is bombed. When Mr. Zelensky toured European parliaments, the peace process stalled. He used that, he said, “I saw a pregnant woman who said I was revenge.” He could not give the name of this woman, we do not know the names of the victims. And you can imagine that if there is even a small victim, a small child with blood, in the age of cell phones, we can do them.

Shocking words, knowing that the tragedy of motherhood was documented, as well as the death of one of the victims, by journalists, one of them, Evgeniy Maloletka (Associated Press) was recently rewarded in Perpignan with a Golden Visa for his work in the besieged city.

“Three sentences out of the blue”

by CheckNewsthe socialist leader stressed that he “s‘expressed schematically’and acknowledged a mistake. “By expressing myself schematically, I can suggest that I said that there are no victims. It was a mistake, I admit it, and I apologize to the victims. I have only one goal: to start a peace and mediation process.” Ségolène Royal attributed this error to the context in which her comments were made: “I was asked about it afterwards a tweet which I did a month ago. I have half a second to think, it’s three sentences out of the blue, a few minutes at the end of a program that is not about this topic.

Ségolène Royal still defends the idea that Ukrainian war propaganda contributed to exaggerating the death toll of the Mariupol strike: “What we understood at the time was that the maternity ward was functioning, but it was not like that. There was no evidence of the killing of many children.” To our knowledge, no Western media reported the massacre of “ten children”. The day after the strike, most media reported three deaths, including a child. To be added a few days later a pregnant woman and the child she is carrying.

On the merits, the person concerned remains at the heart of his point, which is that the instrumentalization of atrocities, and sometimes their pure and simple invention, can be an obstacle to the peace process: “I think I was marked by the previous propaganda and the fact that atrocities like this prohibit the proceedingsciting the war in Iraq or Kuwait, the question of weapons of mass destruction that do not exist or the sequence, which was filmed, of the testimony of the massacres of Kuwaiti children, that never existed.

Theories denying human numbers have been revived

The exit of the former socialist leader, during a BFMTV interview on the evening of Thursday, September 1, caused a very wide reaction. Part of the political class protested the comments made, and an association supporting Ukraine, Stand With Ukraineeven informed by CheckNews that he will file a complaint against Ségolène Royal. The sequence also has the effect of reviving various theories that question the number of people in the drama, or even its existence. A narrative that Moscow has been trying to promote and nurture since the first hours of the strike, evoking false victims or a game using arguments that are however contradicted by the facts.

Faced with growing outcry, Ségolène Royal first reacted on Twitter, responding that she “speech [a été] distorted“, and that he has”never denied war crimes and [s]willingly apologize to the victims if they think so“.

Note that when exchanging with CheckNewsSégolène Royal took as an illustration of the war propaganda she criticized another example of the media, the theater of Mariupol:Someone knocks on motherhood, just as someone knocks on the theater, and indeed the theater is empty.A statement that, again, seems questionable to say the least, although the toll man is very difficult to establish.

The Associated Press, as well as Ukrainian authorities, initially cited several hundred deaths. Amnesty International, for its part, suggests a balance “maybe weaker” than announced, thanks to the partial evacuations before the strike. In a report, the NGO wrote that it could not confirm with certainty that a “dozen” of deaths, where it was able to determine the identity, while believing that many deaths escaped its radars. Amnesty International very clearly described the theater strike as “war crime”: “After months of rigorous investigation, analysis of satellite images and interviews with numerous witnesses, we have concluded that this strike clearly constitutes a war crime committed by Russian forces .”

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