In “The Rings of Power”, Galadriel kills a troll but does not escape social networks

Amazon Studios Morfydd Clark plays the elf Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Studios

Morfydd Clark plays the elf Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series on Amazon Prime Video.

THE RINGS OF POWER – There must have been some trolls in the 25 million viewers of the first two episodes of rings of power on Amazon Prime. And among the characters of the new series inspired by Tolkien’s universe, that of the elf princess Galadriel especially provokes sour comments.

Galadriel is the terrifying and terrifying Lady of Lorien, played by Cate Blanchett in the trilogies The Lord of the rings and the Hobbit. He is with the series of rings of powerworthy of the actress Morfydd Clark, millennia before she inherited the strength and power of a ring.

After the death of her older brother Finrod, killed by Sauron’s henchmen, Galadriel becomes a warrior princess and continues her maiden quest to pursue the Dark Lord to the borders of Middle-earth. Even if it means driving his people towards certain death.

A fight scene that will blow your mind

It’s a passage in particular, in episode 1, when Galadriel faces a snow troll in a fight scene with a lot of special effects, which shocked some viewers. On Twitter, an excerpt from the scene in question posted with the lone comment “This is so embarrassing” has exceeded 2.5 million views and almost 10,000 likes.

The name of Galadriel remains one of the most talked about words in the social network throughout the week in France as in the United States, with many hateful comments against this female character that her detractors find excessive belligerent and arrogant. .

What some seem to forget is that Galadriel in the rings of power nothing to do with that at Lord of the Rings or Hobbit. “ This Galadriel is between 1,400 and 1,450 years old, which in Lord of the Rings is between 7,350 and 7,400 years old, are you surprised that it has changed?! “remembers one user.

Millennia separates the two stories. Galadriel has a right to progress. on Stories [et légendes inachevés] and The Silmarillion [deux ouvrages de Tolkien publiés à titre posthume, NDLR]he has a sword, he knows how to fight, and he is one of the few people that Sauron really fears”, points to another.

“The worst elf in Middle-earth”

Welsh actress Morfydd Clark, seen in horror films Saint-Maud hope Crawldiscussed further with Figaro the specifics of this young Galadriel. ” He is not powerful or endowed with magical powers, because he does not yet have one of these famous rings. What does youth and respectability look like in an eternal being? Perhaps arrogance, he confessed.

The narrator has grew up with Tolkien “added:” He was a loner who did not join the clans of Middle-earth. He is not afraid to challenge authority. Not the peaceful and wise ruler that Frodo meets. »

Criticisms of the excessive use of special effects aside – that is the case throughout the two episodes and not only this scene – above all the fact that Galadriel is a badass woman, brave and good warrior who resents misogynistic trolls.

Dave Blass, production designer in Hollywood who works The Boys hope Star Trek: Picardthus remembering that in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kingreleased in 2003, the elf character Legolas was just as belligerent when fighting on the back of a flying elephant.

“Here’s Legolas… An elf, defying gravity, centrifugal force and a dozen laws of physics in a film that won the Oscar for Best Picture.” Believe me, female elves can do it too. This is called consented suspension of disbelief. Relax and enjoy this wonderful fantasy series »he wrote.

Afterward, some Internet users commented that the scene of Galadriel confronting the troll was not embarrassing because it ” the most badass elf in middle earth, the one who feared his own power when he saw the ring “. And that is the only difference between the praise before the ” Legolas skateboarding on a shield “and nervousness before” Galadriel using a sword as a springboard “, that’s it” not a good girl “.

With five seasons already signed The Rings of Power and no doubt heaps of other fight scenes for this brave hero, the trolls are not done showing their fangs in fiction as in reality. And Galadriel drew her sword to challenge them.

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