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The serious incidents opposed the supporters of Auxerre and Marseille on the sidelines of the game that was previously held by Abbé-Deschamps. The sad sight of the destroyed terrace of a restaurant may come to comfort the supporters of a hard line on this matter, especially in favor of the general ban on the movement of fans outside. However, don’t we also wonder about the issue of police management and security in that type of so-called “dangerous” ?

There are only a few credible and sourced elements surrounding this targeted battle that took place within fifteen minutes, early Saturday afternoon. Apparently, it opposed 80 Auxerrois and 150 Marseillais, according to the figures provided by the police, in front of the Espacio Piscina restaurant, a few steps from the Abbé-Deschamps. The important (profile of the protagonists, reason for the fight, etc.) remains unknown. However, all the testimonies reported in the press or on Twitter converge and confirm the violence of the confrontation between the two opposing groups. On the other hand, it is impossible to know which sides of the stands are involved, especially with the lack of arrests. Family clients in the establishment, including children, miraculously escaped due to the coolness of the staff. Since then, all the rumors spread, and conflicting versions began to develop, especially on social networks. Provencespeaking of the Phocaeans, led the challenge of about fifty men “presentation for a good part of third line templates” , towards the Marseillais gathered in front of the Bar des Stades (which for its part complained of many thefts, including Chronopost and Colissimo parcels). In addition, the possibility of the presence of elements “outside” , Parisians in particular, were reported, but never proven. Again, the security forces made no arrests “fighter” it is difficult to establish their identity…

Longoria: “We condemn all incidents”

Of course, these clashes come to a head, while the methods of managing supporters, and therefore travel, remain unresolved. The LFP through its president repeated it: out of the question of reviving a new nightmarish period in this land. Furthermore, the seriousness of the facts cannot be understated. Fortunately, the worst was avoided due to the intensity of the fighting and the large presence of civilians, simple customers, including many children who were not injured. The world of stands remains under tension since the end of the measures linked to Covid. Rivalries seem to have intensified. It does not excuse anything, nor does it clarify those responsible. The sense of waste is overwhelming. The Abbé-Deschamps was packed for this highly anticipated match of AJA’s return to Ligue 1. More than 1,100 Marseillais filled the official parking lot. In a press conference, Pablo Longoria, president of Olympique de Marseille, praised the dialogue between supporters’ groups and the desire to avoid any conflict: “We talked to the supporters, we know it’s Marseille, we understand the passion, but we have to take security into account. It’s normal, it’s not pleasant for us and for anyone who sees incidents in the stadium, on the road, with supporters of different teams. And we condemn all events. »

The loss at the Stade de France comes to mind

There is something forbidden that no one wants to talk about: tense matches are a reality. So how is it possible to control them without depriving the various spectators of these shocks that make the salt – and the profit – of football? The defeat of the Stade de France in the C1 final highlights the worrying flaws in France’s conception and approach to public and public safety in this type of “Potentially explosive encounters” . For Marseille, the movement of the Greeks from PAOK also illustrates this weakness in controlling and preventing clashes. Nothing encouraging, as OM prepares to host Tottenham, Frankfurt and Sporting in the Champions League.

So how did the security forces ignore the preparation and then start a pitched war a few hundred meters from the stadium? The restaurateur told our colleagues from France Bleu that he warned the police: “At noon, the supporters of Auxerre told me that the supporters of Marseille wanted to fight in front of the Espacio. I called the police station, they told me there was no staff. A quarter of an hour later, the supporters of Auxerre came back to see me because they hadn’t seen a patrol yet. They asked me to call, so I did. They told me: “We can’t go, we’re in the debrief.” I called the police station when everything fell apart. They arrived ten minutes later. » The prefecture of Yonne for its part responded to that “Calm was restored to the situation a few minutes after the start of the confrontation thanks to the intervention of the police” . Of course, it is important to make the ultra movement and of course to manage the clubs responsibly. It may also be necessary to demand that the action of the authorities, since this is their mission within the Republic, be proven to be compatible with the possible risks and therefore ensure the safety of the entire public by guaranteeing the orderly operation in the meeting.

By Nicolas Ksis-Martov

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