War in Ukraine. kyiv confirmed that its counter-offensive to “crush the Russian army” is long

Where is the Ukrainian counter-offensive that was launched on August 29 to take back the areas occupied by the Russians north of the Dnieper river, in the Kherson oblast? It’s hard to know. kyiv imposed complete silence on the media and its soldiers but also asked the local population to keep quiet, especially on social networks, and not to celebrate any progress on the ground. Organizations that document the conflict from these open sources, such as the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), admit to being a little in the dark.

Limited achievements

The Ukrainian army recaptured some villages, after the explosions, but to a very limited extent, within the Russian-held zone north of the Dnieper, a pocket 20 to 50 km wide and 150 km long. The Russian Ministry of Defense, relayed by almost all media under the command, won and highlighted the total failure of the enemy’s counter-offensive.

Location map of Kherson | INFOGRAPHIC OF WEST-FRANCE

A rare intervention by a high-ranking official in Ukraine, which was collected this week by Wall Street Journal, confirms, however, what many Western military experts have been pointing out for a week. Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, says his country’s strategy is a Systemic crushing of Putin’s army in the Kherson region.

There is no lightning offensive, therefore, which is very expensive in terms of soldiers, which is not in Ukraine, but a strategic operation to destroy the depots and supply lines of the 20,000 Russians defending the pocket in Kherson. To cut off their supply of ammunition, weaken their morale and lead them to destruction resulting in retreat.

“No emergency”

Our forces are working to capture their logistic supply system and destroy it with artillery and Himars​, the famous precision guns given to the American army, or the French Caesars. The process, if successful, will take time, agreed Oleksiy Arestovych. There is no emergencyhe assured.

In addition to Russian command posts and storage sites being systematically targeted by Ukrainian artillery, bridges over the vast Dnieper River were the subject of special treatment​, which began before the launch of the counter-offensive on August 29. The three major works, including the Antonovsky Bridge near Kherson, were almost unusable. The strikes in Ukraine are now focused on the pontoons that the Russians must tirelessly rebuild.

Artillery strikes against the bridges over the river were aimed primarily at bringing in Russian reinforcements. This bludgeoning was done before a dozen ground attacks across the front.

The Donbass, key to the war?

For many experts, the fate of the war will be decided in this region more than in Donbass and this explains why kyiv has made the reconquest of this area a priority for weeks. Occupied by the Russian army from February 24, no doubt thanks to local ties, the Kherson region is the only one located west of the very wide Dnieper river. This constitutes a stepping stone for an offensive in Odessa that will deprive Ukraine of its access to the Black Sea and record its defeat.

And if there is a freeze in the conflict in the current positions, the Russian occupation of Kherson is a sword of Damocles to the stability of an independent Ukrainian state.

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