The new Morelo Loft Liner 100 GQ: a motorhome under 10 meters with a 4-seater car and bicycle.

This is one of the novelties of the German Morelo for this year. The Loft Liner 100 GQ is a luxury motorhome, true to the brand’s standards. Its particularity: a controlled size and an XXL garage. The bicycle lift can load two cycles, in addition to a 4-seater city car. During the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, this model was offered at a price of €454,460 (with all its options).

In the large family of heavyweight motorhomes, there is a threshold: that of 10 meters. Many owners of large motorhomes tell us: from 10 meters in length, driving, maneuvering, traffic, parking… everything has changed. This is why some people prefer to hide the template below this bar. This doesn’t stop you from bringing a car for 4 people in the back garage, as Morelo proved to us with his new Loft Liner 100 GQ.

A garage for one car with 4 spaces

So through the garage we start the visit. At the brand’s stand at the Düsseldorf show, a Fiat 500 was positioned on the access ramp. A true four-seater car, which therefore proves to be relevant even when traveling with the family. We looked up, over the hood of the car. An electrically controlled bicycle rack can load two cycles (a total of 80 kg). The two wheels are then stored upstairs in a compartment behind the room. Useful explanation: to load or unload bicycles, the car must be outside the garage.

A high-tech motorhome

The Loft Liner 100 GQ is based on the 12 ton Iveco Daily. It is equipped with 2 Super B 340 Ah lithium batteries and 6 solar panels. It’s hard to notice the blind side, completely integrated. It is electric, runs the entire length of the car, and can be highlighted by an LED ramp (optional, but clearly visible in our photos). Note the large width of the entrance door (70 cm). It has a glass wall (reinforced) as well as a digcode, which is optional and allows you to do without a key. We climb a few steps to board. Each of them hides in a drawer.

A motorhome with a great finish

When we got in, we turned to the driving position. The dashboard is wrapped in leather, it can accommodate a 10-inch screen, which will also be used for the rear view camera. Under the media station there is a refrigerated compartment (which runs air from the air conditioning). Another small screen is on the left side of the driving position: this is the bird’s eye view image, seen from the top of the car. This device can be increased by replacing the mirrors with “mirror cams”.

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The space and comfort are unmatched

We then sat down on one of the benches in the living room. The central table is stretchable and movable (by sliding its legs). In addition to the two front seats, which swivel, the living room consists of an L-shaped bench seat and a side bench seat. This is mainly the side seat that can see the television screen. An electric control allows it to be returned to the overhead cupboard.

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Kitchen: practicality

The L-shaped galley includes a sink and two gas burners. It leaves significant workspaces, and offers a good level of storage, with its large drawers. We also note that a housing is provided, in a lower drawer, for the sink cover. We also noticed of course the espresso coffee maker and the storage dedicated to the capsules. Opposite the kitchen is the refrigerator, which runs on compression, exclusively on electricity. It is overcome by a freezer compartment and a microwave.

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Bathroom with central sink

We then pulled open a sliding door to reveal the toilet area. It includes a central console, including large drawers, a large sink and a large three-part mirror, hiding storage. Detail that reveals the care that Morelo takes in practical things: each of the shelves has a small return to prevent things from falling. Logically, the shower and the WC are arranged on each side of this bathroom. The shower cubicle offers a beautiful height under the ceiling, and closes thanks to the glass walls.

A bedroom with a queen-size bed

Finally we crossed a few steps to reach the room. Logically, the height of the ceiling is reduced, due to the presence of the car garage. At the foot of the bed is a large television. The 165 x 200 cm queen-size bed is supported by another bed, located on the roof of the cabin. This motorhome therefore expresses itself as a real four-seater, and of course will be ideal for couples who sometimes travel with children.

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