LIVE – Formula 1 (Dutch GP): Verstappen wins at home, Hamilton upset


Starting from pole position, Max Verstappen had a few scares before claiming his 10th win of the season in front of his home crowd. The Dutchman leads the drivers’ standings, while Mercedes loses a lot. Leading the way during the last safety car, Hamilton was kicked off the podium and only finished 4th! George Russel 2nd, Leclerc 3rd.

Ocon was 8th, Gasly 11th.

69/72: penalty for Sainz

A five-second penalty for the Ferrari driver, who continued his difficult day. He could be ejected from the top 10. Ocon was asked to attack to gain some places.

66/72: Leclerc overtakes Hamilton!

Hope did not last long for Hamilton, who was eaten by Leclerc, who found the podium.

1. Verstappen

2. Russell

3. Leclerc


65/72: Leclerc closes in on Hamilton

The Monegasque was in Hamilton’s DRS zone and was getting dangerously close.

64/72: Hamilton is eaten by Russell

What if Hamilton loses everything? Annoyed, Hamilton swerved as Russell overtook him. Watch out, his 3rd place is at stake!

63/72: “a big mistake” admitted Hamilton

On his radio, Lewis Hamilton acknowledged “a big mistake” in his recovery after the safety car ended.

61/72: Verstappen takes the reins!

Poor choice of recovery for Hamilton, who was nursed by Verstappen, who took over the reins! Russell 3rd, Leclerc 4th.

60/72: we are still under the safety car

Hamilton found it difficult to control the cars behind him. As a reminder, the medium tires were worn for 11 laps, compared to 6 laps on the soft tires of Verstappen.

58/72: Russell saves

Russell wore softs, leaving Verstappen 2nd behind Hamilton, who did not change his tires (medium). The end of the race promises to be exciting.

56/72: new stop for Verstappen!

We fitted the soft tires to Verstappen but the Dutchman was overtaken by Hamilton and Russell! Big gamble from Mercedes under the safety car!

55/72: Hamilton fights back

The Briton seemed to be in better shape than Verstappen and gained a few tenths of a second. However, he was 10 seconds ahead.

The safety car was called in while Bottas was caught. But there is only one yellow flag.

54/72: Alonso surrenders

Alonso tried to take the outside of the 1st corner behind Norris, but in the end had to give up his 8th place.

53/72: Ocon is very well placed

The Frenchman jumped 6 places and found himself at the gates of the top 5. But beware, Sainz and Norris are watching the grain.

51/72: end of the virtual safety car

It started full pot again and Verstappen was still ahead of Hamilton and Russell. Leclerc was 4th.

49/72: hard rubber for Verstappen

The world champion took advantage of the Safety Car to wear hard tires, while Mercedes installed medium tires. Once again, Ferrari has got it.

47/72: Tsunoda Stops!

At this moment, Tsunoda stopped. The virtual safety car is deployed.

46/72: Leclerc in the pits

Hard tire for the last part of the race. He came out in 4th, behind Verstappen and the two Mercedes.

45/72: Tsunoda falls

The Japanese complain about the tires not being repaired! At AlphaTauri, we assure you that the wheels. He left, without deploying the Safety Car. The pilot separated.

43/72: lap record for Perez

Wearing hard rubber, Sergio Perez had the fastest lap and passed Norris (5th).

41/72: Perez shoes are hard

Hard tires for Perez, heading for a new tire change for Verstappen?

40/72: Verstappen and Hamilton on the same pace

The two men are still separated by 18 seconds, while the Dutchman seems dissatisfied with his tires, which is not “surprising”.

39/72: Russel’s turn to pass Perez

The Mercedes caught fire on their hard tire. Like Hamilton, Russell tore past Perez, who passed for 5th.

37/72: ok for Hamilton!

This time, it’s right for Hamilton, who goes outside! The movement is completely managed by the Mercedes driver.

36/72: Duel of the Great Perez-Hamilton!

Perez missed his braking and forced Hamilton to pass on the outside. We are not far from disaster! The Mexican kept his 3rd place.

35/72: Hamilton in form

On his hard tire, Hamilton completed the lap record at 1’15” 472. He was in the DRS zone of Perez.

33/72: Verstappen takes off

The Dutchman was 8 seconds ahead of Leclerc, who himself was 7 seconds ahead of Perez.

1. Verstappen

2. Leclerc

3. Perez


5. Russell

6. Sainz

32/72: Russell finally stops

Like Hamilton, Russell was on a hard tire and he came out in 5th position behind Hamilton.

31/72: Verstappen on the radio

Verstappen felt that the hard tires did not seem to favor him.

30/72: Hamilton pits!

The Briton wore hard rubber for his (probably) only pit stop. He went out in 5th, Verstappen took over the reins of the race. Russell remains the last driver without a stop since the start of the race.

28/72: Verstappen passed!

Amazing overtaking by Verstappen on Russell, to the cheers of the public! Bonus lap record for the world champion.

28/72: Verstappen finishes Russell

The Dutchman could have the DRS soon enough to overtake Russell and move back to 2nd.

25/72: Hamilton is still not stopped

Always suited to mediums from the start, Lewis Hamilton made a good start to the race, while his tires were in good condition. Will he switch to a one-stop strategy?

23/72: Vettel is about to stop, Sainz skates

The Aston Martin driver lacked speed and was in 17th place.

At the top, Carlos Sainz seems to be on loan and remains 6th, behind Sergio Perez.

21/72: Lap record for Verstappen

The world champion changed to his new tires and set the lap record at 1’15″904.

19/72: Verstappen’s shoes in the mids

A very average stop by the world champion, who came out in third position behind the two Mercedes of Hamilton and Russell, who still did not stop.

18/72: Leclerc in the pits

The Monegasque complained about the tires and went to the pits. This time, there were no tire problems and Leclerc left the mediums.

14/72: big mistake from Ferrari in the pits!

Bad stop for Ferrari and Sainz! More than 12 seconds! He went out in 11th with a medium tire. “Just a joke”, hit Sainz on the radio. All that was missing… were the wheels. What’s worse, the technicians that Sergio Perez rolled over left behind a gun.

13/72: hard tires for Alonso

A bit of a poker stroke for Alpine and Alonso, who came out of the pits with hard rubber.

12/72: Gasly in the pits

Surprisingly enough, Pierre Gasly was called to the pits, as was Ricciardo. Both pilots left with medium tires.

11/72: Alonso grills Gasly

Taking advantage of DRS, Fernando Alonso overtook Pierre Gasly in 12th place.

9/72: heading to attack Ferraris?

As for Red Bull, Max Verstappen was warned of a possible Ferrari attack in the coming laps. The Dutchman is still almost 2 seconds ahead of the Monegasque.

8/72: Verstappen and Leclerc escape

The two leaders of the race are several hectares ahead of the Sainz-Hamilton duo, who are still in the fight for 3rd place. On the French side, Ocon was 9th, Gasly 12th.

5/72: Hamilton has DRS

The Briton remains looking to overtake Carlos Sainz, but we have to wait for an opportunity.

3/71: No change in the top 5, Verstappen still leading

The gap between the first two remains at one second.

1. Verstappen

2. Leclerc

3. Sainz


5. Perez

6. Russell

2/72: good start for Ocon, scare for Magnussen

The Frenchman was 9th after starting 12th.

Big scare for Magnussen, who went straight to the gravel, before returning to the track.


Excellent start from Verstappen, who immediately closed the door on Leclerc, author of a good start. Hamilton could also surprise Sainz but the Spaniard held on.

Let’s go to the formation lap

The pilots fly for 72 laps. There was a few gusts of wind. It remains to be seen which strategy to choose, with one, two or three stops.

Verstappen, Leclerc and Sainz are on soft tyres, unlike Hamilton, who is on medium.

Leclerc in trouble

In the last nine GPs, Charles Leclerc has been on the podium only once. Last week, he fell to third place in the drivers’ standings.

The public clearly won the cause of Max Verstappen, who played at home

Last year, Verstappen achieved a double pole position – victory for the return of the Dutch GP after a 36-year absence (the 2020 edition was canceled due to Covid).

Alonso revealed the reasons for leaving Alpine

In an interview with DAZN, the Spaniard explained the reasons that led him to make this decision, while expressing his frustration at not being able to fight for the top spots. He evokes a lack of attention to him: “Because of the desire that I see in Aston Martin to have me and maybe what I lack in Alpine. Or the love that maybe I don’t have here.” As a result of Piastri’s absence, it is the future ex-pilot of McLaren, Daniel Ricciardo, who can replace the Spaniard in Alpine.

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Towards a new duel between Verstappen and Leclerc?

During qualifying, the two drivers were separated by just 0.021 seconds, the lowest gap of the season.

The battle promises to be intense at the Zandvoort circuit, 4.252 kilometers long. There are 72 laps left.

The starting grid

Frenchmen Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) and Esteban Ocon (Alpine) start 11th and 12th.

Hello there

Welcome to this live commentary to follow the Dutch GP, the 15th round of the Formula 1 world championship. In front of his audience, Max Verstappen is aiming for his 10th victory this season bringing him closer to a second world championship title. The Dutchman will start on pole ahead of the Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Departure will be given at 3 pm.

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