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An order that should prove that the UN thanked Russia for rejecting an attack by saboteurs on the power plant in Zaporizhia was widely shared on social networks. A spokesperson for the UN secretary told CheckNews that his remarks have been over-interpreted.

This weekend, several pro-Russian accounts relayed an excerpt from a United Nations (UN) press conference in which a spokesperson for the UN organization allegedly acknowledged Ukraine’s attempted sabotage of power plant in Zaporizhia, and would have thanked the Russian army. because it failed. “This is not in the official media: the UN thanks Russia for stopping the Ukrainian amphibious attack on the nuclear power plant this morning and for ensuring the safety of the UN inspectors”we can read for example a tweet that has been shared several thousand times.

The query sequence, which is not an edit, takes a little over a minute. During the press conference on September 1, the spokesperson of the United Nations Secretary, Stéphane Dujarric, answered the questions asked by the journalists. The sequence takes place after a twenty-two minute exchange, which can be viewed on the UN site.

Question asked by the head of the New York bureau of the main Russian news agency

The question was asked by Alan Bulkaty, the head of the New York office of Ria Novosti, Russia’s main news agency. The interested party asked the UN spokesperson about an alleged sabotage attempt by a group of Ukrainians who allegedly tried to seize the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in “use the mission [de l’AIEA] like a human shield”. This supposed attack, mentioned on the same day by the Russian Minister of Defense, would have been neutralized by Russian forces, according to Moscow. Alan Bulkaty, who insisted on the lack of reaction from the UN on the subject, asked Stéphane Dujarric “a reaction to it”.

The spokesperson of the United Nations secretary replied, without going into details: “We are pleased that the Russian Federation is doing what is necessary to keep the inspectors safe. […] And it’s like any other UN mission. It is the responsibility of those in power (?) to ensure the safety of UN personnel.”

Stéphane Dujarric’s response did not mention “sabotage”, and addressed more broadly the security conditions during the visit of IAEA and UN experts to the plant. However, pro-Russians interpreted it (with a degree of bad faith that is difficult to measure) as official confirmation of the supposed Ukrainian attack on the plant.

In fact, this incident, which was denounced by the Russian authorities, was not confirmed by any independent source. It was relayed through official Kremlin channels, including the Russian military channel Zvezda. The latter reported on September 1, before the highly publicized IAEA visit, that “in 6 am, two groups of Ukrainian saboteurs totaling 60 people in seven boats landed on the shore of the Kakhovka reservoir, 3 km northeast of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, and tried to seize the center”. Aerial bombardment was also discussed which could wipe out the saboteurs. The unique elements that have been passed down through the channels of Russia are the images of two bodies on a beach, and a rusty barge.

The dispatch of Ria Novosti clearly links the statement of Stéphane Dujarric to the attempted sabotage, which is a way of suggesting that the international organization recognizes the facts: “The UN is pleased that Russia has taken the necessary measures to protect the IAEA inspectors visiting the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, said the official representative of the UN secretary general, Stefan Dujarric, commented on the news in the attempt of Ukrainian saboteurs to take over the ZNPP. [la centrale nucléaire de Zaporijia, ndlr].»

It was asked CheckNews, Stéphane Dujarric invalidates this interpretation and makes his point clear: “The answer is not intended to be a confirmation of any act of sabotage, but a reconfirmation of the responsibility of the Russians to ensure the security of the mission if it is in the territory controlled by the Russians and, of course, in Ukrainians to ensure their safety when they are in Ukrainian-controlled territory.”

The Russian accusation of sabotage comes in the context of repeated accusations of Russians and Ukrainians endangering the Zaporizhia power plant. For several weeks, shots hit the infrastructure of the ultra-sensitive site, raising fears of a catastrophe, while both camps returned to support the responsibility of the strikes.

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