PSG press review: transfer window, Nantes, financial fair play

Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Saturday, September 3: anecdotes behind the scenes of the transfer window, the tensions between Antero Henrique and Luis Campos, the match against Nantes and the match financial game that hit PSG.

THE GROUP opens a double page dedicated behind the scenes of some files in the transfer window. Three are concerned with PSG. The first deals with the case of Keylor Navasfinally stayed on pair as informed by Naples. According to the French media, the player agreed with the Italian club for a 3-year contract that made him lose 1.5 M€ compared to what he received in PSG. Keylor Navas thus agreed to give 1 M€, but he hopes that Paris will give him the remaining 500,000€. However, Antero Henrique remains unchanged, therefore leading the Costa Rican to remain in pair. A story close to €500,000.

THE GROUP provides a clearer anecdote about the file Carlos Soler, the latest arrival of this summer transfer window. Illustration of the differences between Luis Campos and Antero Henry and malfunctions that may cause it, two offers were sent within a few hours. The first one is signed by Luis Campos for a transfer of €18m + bonus. The second, some time later, was signed byAntero Henrique, for a loan with an option to buy despite the fact that the player has only one year left on his contract. A third offer was finally released after a strong transfer based on the first.

Finally, a small anecdote about the arrival ofHugo Ekitike said this THE GROUP. While the reporters were at the headquarters of PSG July 4 for the arrival of Christophe Galtier, many people whose faces were not familiar entered the offices. Later, Mathieu Lacour and Pol-Edouard Caillot (general manager and head of the recruitment unit of Reims) will also enter through the same door, officially for a show with in Sports. Just then, the leaders of Reims have an appointment Luis Campos and Antero Henrique as well as player agents… who are not those famous unknown faces. ” History will recall that the Ekitike deal was made in the room next to the one where Galtier’s signature took place », concluded THE GROUP.

not very pleasant, THE GROUP the sun returned to another role in the tensions between Antero Henry and Luis Camposwhile the distribution of tasks was clear at the beginning of summer with the second city and Christophe Galtier as a decision maker in sports policy and the first who should use the goods. Problem, balanceAntero Henrique criticized by the coach and the adviser of PSGnot satisfied with the transfer window. Luis Campos He was criticized in particular for not fulfilling his sales commitments, where there was a goal of reaching 150 M € in total. Problem: there is only €49 million in total. To protect themselves, the position ofAntero Henrique is to say that this 150 M € corresponds to the expected prices and that there is a reality in the market. This same market reality that prevented the PSG to finish quickly Milan Skriniar as he wanted, even though the club applied for a visa for him to go to Japan. Problem, the rule implemented in Antero Henry is to sell before buying thanks to the agent created, thus preventing the rapid resolution of the file Skriniar as expected. Therefore, in the eyes of management, it is this inability to sell that prevents the signing of key players in the short and medium term », THE GROUP then quote Chouameni, Lewandowski, Bernardo Silva and Skriniar. Also, this is not a direct lead Christophe Galtier to rethink his 3-4-1-2 to 3-4-3.

right, THE GROUP Lives in this lack of sales of a paper residence, which explains that all the departures of loans can bring more than €80 million a year… or nothing. The daily sports remember the clear observation that there are some transfers this summer, some of them have a small amount, such asIdrissa Gueye on Everton against €2 million. Thus, most of the departures were loans, which made it possible to reduce the size of the workforce and slightly reduce wages. Disadvantage of the proverb THE GROUP : no direct cash flow (which can unblock the file Skriniar), and there is no guarantee that this return will occur because there are not always purchase options that will be mandatory – this is the case of Walls hope Wijnaldum. However, some deals are only there to temporarily reduce the size of the workforce: Draxler ready to Benfica with 80% of the salary covered by PSG hope Kurzawa ready to Fulham with 60% of the salary covered by pair. Thus, THE GROUP qualify this wave of departures double-edged operations “, because they can bring 80 M€ a year or nothing.

waiting, THE GROUP well remembered in a recent article that the failure to recruit a correct racial defender ” causing trouble for PSG and raising concerns “. The non-arrival of Milano Skriniar lived” like a deep disappointment, even a tragedy “. In the meantime, as he well said in a press conference, Christophe Galtier did not intend to leave his defense at 3, although he says he is ready for a temporary adjustment if one of his three holders is injured or suspended for a while. However, THE GROUP remember that the PSG not completely absent from the solution in this sector when it comes to Nordi Mukiele able to play in central defense and in the presence of dazzled Pereirawhose contribution is appreciated by Christophe Galtier in a press conference last Friday.

Last point related to PSG on THE GROUPthe penalty of financial fair play. Indeed, as announced on Friday by UEFA, the Paris club was fined for breaching the allowed deficit of €30 million over three financial years. This is a fine of €65m in total: €10m to be paid now and €55m suspended. The club now has three years to gradually comply with the rules to avoid heavier sporting and/or financial penalties.

In its Saturday edition, The Parisian internal tensions also returned after this transfer window. The Ile-de-France media attacked strongly: ” Lewandowski, Bernardo Silva, Ekitike, Skriniar, Scamacca, Tchouaméni, Vitinha, Fofana, Mukiele, Renato Sanches, Ruiz: these are the eleven players PSG wants to recruit as a priority this summer “. Problem, only five of the eleven came. As a result, tensions flared, and Antero Henrique is the one that crystallized the criticism for two reasons: the lack of sales and loans, as well as the fact that he tried to pass through his network without always informing Luis Campos. A typical example of the tensions expressed by The Parisian : case management Navas through Antero Henriquewho learned as late as possible to Luis Campos that it will ultimately remain pair while the second city still thinks in the afternoon of September 1 that the Costa Rican goalkeeper will leave. The disappointment is also on the marketing side: 150 M€ is expected for a total recruitment envelope of 230 M€ with a base of 80 M€, except that he has about 50 M€ of sales. In doing so, The Parisian considered that the cohabitation between Antero Henrique and Luis Camposshort-term operation », and this while the first city wants to stay to continue to have influence. In this context, according to The Parisiansome players and not the least” Still wondering how PSG managed to put a spoke on the wheels themselves during this transfer window “. Results of this transfer window without expected results, Luis Campos and Christophe Galtier ” thinking of the return of the four elements behind “with matches every three days” to allow for a better rotation between their three undisputed starting defenders “.

In the meantime, this Saturday marks the occasion of the first game after the transfer window for Christophe Galtier and his people. In the eyes of this Parisianthis movement of Nantes should be the occasion for a rotation of workers before the first shock of the time against Juventus Tuesday night. The three Messi-Neymar-Mbappe should be aligned, but Sergio Ramos and Nuno Mendes must blow replaced by Nordi Mukiele and John Bernatwhile Presnel Kimpembe find his place. Vitinha and Verratti center align, though The Parisian the question arises of the benefit of chaining him or rather taking him outside during the meeting as such Neymar against Toulouse in midweek. Finally, last element for this game: The Parisian indicates that no system changes are visible at this time.

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