Aldi has hit hard with this amazing home cleaning promotion!

Day by day, cleaning is not always easy. On the other hand, everyone knows that a clean house is good for health. Aldi has found the perfect solution to cleaning your home.

For this, the brand offers you a tool that you are used to. However, this time, the discount makes it even better. This is a steam mop sold at an attractive price only at Aldi.

A new lease that will brighten up your interior

Aldi selling new brooms. However it is not just anything, but a state-of-the-art steam mop. When it comes to design and ease of use, this device ticks all the boxes.

In fact, the tool very light. This allows it to be very easy to manage. With advanced technology it embeds, dust and bacteria just bad memories.

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This is a household item rid you of all kinds of bacteria. Like E.coli which is a bacterium that causes urinary tract infections. Depending on the specifications, this mop can kill bacteria up to 99%.

If your interior is carpeted, carpet, tiles or flooring, don’t worry. The broom is suitable for all types of floors. WHAT makes it easy to use. Note that the device that emits heat has a power of 1500 W.

The accessories that come with it

The designer of this instrument thought of everything. For carpet type surfaces, a special head is available on the device. This technological virtue not one, but two washable microfiber covers.

Regarding the movement, the power cable of this broom measure about six meters. There is enough to go around in one room. So you don’t have to plug and unplug it often. Even a small purchase of an extension cord.

Source: Aldi

Speaking of the economy, the steam broom sold at Aldi you can save money on buying detergents. The steam itself will sterilize the house and eliminate all kinds of germs.

For this, this steam mop equipped with a 400 ml tank. A tank designed to be lightweight, with more than satisfactory steam autonomy.

Its price is Aldi

This revolutionary broom only available in Aldi stores from September 5 at a promotional price. The amount you have to pay to get it is only 59.99 euros. Check the brand’s website to see if there is an Aldi store near you.

Aldi is everywhere in France

For information, the name of the sign comes from its creators, Karl and Theo Albrecht. Aldi is actually the contraction of ALbrecht DISckont. The brand is well established in France.

Connoisseurs will know Aldi is the ideal place to find products at low prices. Not to mention its branded products. Especially with this inflation, to preserve the purchasing power of the French, Aldi stores offer good deals.

By the way, you may not have noticed, but the Leader Price store near you now belongs to Aldi. This is why we say that for buy this steam mopyou don’t have to drive long.

The reason many Price Leader stores have become Aldi is simple. This is the result of an agreement made by the German brand of the Casino group.

A new Aldi store has opened

In addition to many Leader Price stores being converted to Aldi, new stores have also been established.

In the news, this Wednesday, August 24, an Aldi store opened its doors on the rue d’Alentours, near avenue Charles-de-Gaulle. This town with more than 10,000 inhabitants is impatiently waiting for this opening. Moreover, until now, it is the only supermarket in town.

The shop made in this town has an area of ​​1,000 m². It must be said that it is a supermarket and that it’s a big budget. In addition, the manager of the new store explains that the area is a strategic point. Nordine Chafai happily said:

“On this opening day, we achieved 25% more turnover than expected. The next day, we also had a lot of people, if we listened to the customers, it was necessary. »

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