Xbox Game Pass: prices and conditions, the new “Family” formula is finally detailed!

Game News Xbox Game Pass: prices and conditions, the new “Family” formula is finally detailed!

We know in less than a month that Microsoft is currently working on a new formula for the iconic Game Pass, called “Friends and Family”. Today, many interesting details have reached us.

All to share

Determined to make Game Pass the dominant model of video games, Microsoft continues to work hard on very attractive proposals. We can already count on many games including some big hits coming like Call of Duty, Diablo as well as exclusives like Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI; we will also point out the many supports, which allow you to play anywhere from your console, your phone, your PC or your TV without any Xbox in hand. In short, there is much to do.

At the beginning of August, we thus learned to prepare the “Friends and Family” offer of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which allows you to share your subscription with other people for a total of five heads. A very attractive formula that is directly inspired by SVOD platforms and that makes it possible to increase the number of users tenfold.

Currently, this unique package has been tested in Ireland and Colombia only. It is from the official Colombian Game Pass page that a FAQ has been posted online by Microsoft, which teaches us a lot of little information right and left.

Damage information

Here is the FAQ about Xbox Game Pass Friends & Familytranslated for the occasion.

There are two types of Friends and Family members: the main account owner is responsible for payments and is the only member who can add other users to the group subscription, while the primary member adds or removes of the secondary members of the group.

To become a primary account holder, you must join Friends and Family through the Microsoft Store. After you join, you can manage group members on the Services and Subscriptions page and you can add as many seats as you want.

In which countries/regions is Friends and Family available?

We are currently testing this plan in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. Future countries or regions may be added in the coming months. In Colombia, the monthly price is 49,900 COP. In Ireland, the monthly price is €21.99.

Can I share my subscription with people from anywhere in the world?

No, you can only share your subscription with people who live in your own country or region. If a group member changes their country or region of residence and their location no longer matches the previous account owner, they will be removed from the group.

Are there any other limitations I should be aware of?


  • You can only be a member of one group at a time.
  • As the primary account owner, you can invite a maximum of four people at a time, with a maximum of eight people who agree to join your account each year.
  • Members of your group can only join a group twice a year. This includes leaving and joining the same group.
  • Only the primary account holder can share their Game Pass benefits through Home Sharing. Group members cannot share it with other accounts installed on their console.

If I have time left on my existing Game Pass or Gold subscription, what happens if I purchase the Game Pass Friends and Family plan?

After joining the Game Pass Friends & Family package as the main account holder, the remaining time of the previous package will be automatically changed according to the following table. The conversion rate is subject to change.

Now I have: If I switch to the Friends and Family formula, it will be:
30 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 18 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days of Xbox Game Pass (console) 12 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 day PC Game Pass 12 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days of Xbox Live Gold 12 days of Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
30 days of EA Play 6 days on Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family

It gives a little light to our lantern. As Microsoft says, however, some data may change in the future (the Friends and Family formula is currently being tested), especially to, one imagines, adapt to the French market. We will see all this in due time.

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