“Saag”, “Cult of the Lamb”, “Immortality”… Ten video games not to be missed this summer


There is no summer break on the video game planet. Since June, the Pixels service on world instead explore a labyrinthine city in the skin of a cat, establish a bloody Satanist cult, follow a course at an escape game school or join the team of Ninja Turtles… Overview of ten period outing highlights you may have missed this summer.

Our five favorites

  • “Saag”: slow

Have you ever wondered what a cat looks like? The first game from French studios Blue Twelve puts us in the shoes of a lost cat trying to find his family after an accidental separation. So the animal seeks to escape from a labyrinthine city inhabited by robots. Jumping on roofs from window sills, moving through gutters, sneaking into houses through small holes or digging up carpets… all this is incredibly exotic, and directing this quadruped reminds us how much video game that often produces an anthropocentric vision of the world. Fun for the eyes as well as the ears, this five-to-six-hour experience stands for inspiring storytelling.

Available for €27 on PC and for €30 on PlayStation 4 and 5.

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  • immortality » : a stunning cinematic puzzle

The new game from Briton Sam Barlow (His Story, Telling a Lie) recounts the tortured fate of a fictional actress who mysteriously disappeared and whose films have never been shown in theaters. At our disposal to solve the investigation: the rushes (invented for the game but shot with real images) of three feature films made between 1968 and 1999 that can be viewed on a Moviola, a machine that allows of an editor to watch the tapes of a film. Navigating these archives deflates our bearings and explodes the conventional linearity of cinema. Here, we’re looking at the raw footage, as it was shot, and there’s no order. Only the meticulous examination of the scenes and their backstage allows us to reconstruct the pieces of a chilling puzzle that evokes, in turn, Eyes closed by Kubrick, fireworks by Antonioni or Mulholland Drive said Lynch.

Available for €17 on PC, Mac, Xbox Series, iOS and Android; free with Game Pass subscription; coming with a Netflix subscription.

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  • “Last Call BBS”: kit hobby

End applause for Zachtronics, which has been developing games for over ten years like no other (including Infinifactory, for us one of the 100 best of all time). As a final bouquet, the studio offers a fake computer running a fake operating system, where you can connect to a fake server to download eight fake games. Complex puzzles where you have to create assembly lines or printed circuits, a tricky variant of solitaire, a brilliant variation of picross and even a simulator for painting figurines… And then one game play: opening chapters of the diary dashboard of the owner of this fictional computer, where creative reflections and nostalgic video game memories mix. With this assembly of heterogeneous appearance, Zach Barth, the founder of Zachtronics, actually gave his most personal title.

Available for €17 on PC, Mac and Linux; free with Game Pass subscription.

  • “Cult of the Lamb”: cult simulator

Cult of the Lamb brings together two visual universes that everyone opposes: satanism and that of cartoons for children. Its protagonist is a lovable sheep who is tasked by the terrifying gods to mount his own cult. In the beginning, our animal herds consisted only of a few herds that needed to be fed, prayed to, blessed or worked on. But the lamb also has a fighting streak and goes on an expedition to eliminate monsters, such as The Binding of Isaac. If the action-oriented part turns out to be less successful than the one dedicated to management, it nevertheless complements well because it allows you to collect some resources and join new followers. When we return, it is always a matter of exploitation, monitoring, punishment… then sacrifice. One foot in a bad world, another in a beautiful universe. The splits here are great.

Available for €23 on PC and for €25 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Switch, Xbox One and Series.

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  • “Neon White”: explosive cocktail

Is it a racing game? A shooting game? A card game? A puzzle? A graphic novel? American designer Ben Esposito builds surprising bridges between genres. Only the initial inspiration is clear: the idea of White Neon born watching fast running, practice going through video games as fast as possible. The goal is to be the first to complete one hundred levels as quickly as possible by eliminating all the demons on the way. The remains of creatures give us cards that trigger special moves. Playing it at the right time then allows us to protect ourselves and overcome obstacles. Controller in hand, the alchemy works perfectly, and the result is devilishly addictive. The levels are frenetic, varied and full of secrets. Completing it is only the beginning of the adventure: each one offers a set of other roads that have awakened the speedrunner that slumbers within us.

Available for €22 on PC and Switch.

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Five more exciting titles to try

  • “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge”: cowabunga!

Create a game today that could have been released on the Super Nintendo thirty years ago, is the program that the Quebec developers of Tribute Games and the French publisher Dotemu put themselves when they were allowed by the studios of Nickelodeon to exploit the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license. This huge pixel brawler is completely faithful to beat them 1990s, while updating what made them taste: immediate management, dynamic battles (alone or with others) and universes as colorful as they are inventive.

Available for €25 on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Switch, Xbox One and Series.

  • “Xenoblade Chronicles 3”: JRPG, my love

less known than Final Fantasy hope DragonQuest, Xenoblade Chronicles is yet another series that makes the hearts of lovers of Japanese role-playing games beat faster. The third episode reinvigorates the formula that mixes narrative-driven adventures, packed with cinematics, and epic team battles where each character has a defined role. Rich, deep and long-lasting, it stands as a must-have in the genre.

Available for €60 on Switch.

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  • “Escape Academy”: the great escape

Escape games (game rooms that require you to get out of a room where you are locked in a limited time) seem to us to often import the usual mechanics of games in puzzle video in real life. Escape Academy closes the loop by simulating this activity on console and PC. With inventive levels themed around a school education for escape aces, the twists of the situation and its puzzles in real time, this experience, that we can which can be explored alone or in pairs, gives us no rest.

Available for €17 on PC and for €20 on PlayStation 4 and 5 and Xbox Series; free with Game Pass subscription.

  • “The Quarry”: summer camp gone wrong

Released at the beginning of June, The Quarry not lost in our memory. This tribute to the horror films of the 1980s and 1990s pushes us into a summer camp where the monitors fall prey to evil forces. On our choices depends the survival of these teenagers, not very smart, that each of us consists of. Full of humor and hemoglobin, this story where we are the hero offers many scenarios depending on our decisions. The vertigo of possibilities finally turns out to be more interesting than the brutal massacre game.

Available for €60 on PC, for €70 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and 5 and for €75 on Xbox Series.

  • “Card Crawl Adventure”: the card master

German Arnold Rauers continues his recipe that hits the mark on mobile Card Crawl and most of all very good Card Thief. Card Crawl Adventure thus placed in a medieval universe where you sit in taverns where you have to defeat material creatures in the form of cards. The game is like a roguelike (Hades, Kill the Spire), that is to say, the hero must overcome all the levels in one go, any failure imposing the start from scratch. Unlike most smartphone games that focus on speed, this one requires persistence.

Available for free on Android and iOS; includes in-app purchases.

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