“Panic in Berlin. German companies are closing in large numbers because energy prices are too high. ! » Charles SANNAT’s editorial

My dear impertinents, dear impertinents,

We are being handled with broken arms.

We are ruled by the worst kind of idiots who only see problems when they get in their heads.

There is no hope.

In France, our government mammouchis think that everything is fine because Enarques has installed a gas plant (without Russian gas) that allows some companies to get help during an excessive energy bill. The small problem is that this aid is not equal to… the increase in energy prices.

I am relaying here this little video of an SME from our region that is running into the wall because of energy bills. The particular case of this company does not matter. This is a problem that is common and also affects all private schools, for example whose heating bills are not paid by the State but by parents through school fees. This affects all swimming pools, sports halls and gymnasiums. Shops, restaurants and all food industries.

The invoices are in France at the moment multiplied by 2 or 3.

At the moment.

In Germany, the developments are so significant that the entire German industry is in the process of shutting down, which rightly alarmed the German Minister of Economy, who sounded the alarm, but in a vacuum and the handle seems to remain in his hand

We went straight to the wall.

We are hurtling towards an economic and industrial disaster like never before.

“German Economy Minister Robert Habeck sounded the alarm because local businesses “completely stopped production” due to excessive gas and electricity prices. “Companies are in real concern,” said he.

Availability and price!

In anything in economics you have two parameters. Availability and price.

Just because we still have gas and electricity doesn’t mean we don’t have a big price problem!

When we focus on availability and the risks of shortages (very real) we often forget the price dimension of the problem.

Energy prices are so high that soon half of European companies will not be able to operate because these increases in production costs will not be passed on to final customers, or else inflation will quickly reach double digits and more than 20% faster, as before. the case of the Baltic countries, let me remind you, of the euro zone.

The German economy is shutting down. German factories are closing and that is not good news.

From Paris to Berlin, it’s time for pimpin managers. My chickens are even better!

It’s too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves!

Charles SANNAT

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