Michou is done, a page has changed, sad fans!

Michou, who fully shares his daily life with his community, published several photos on Thursday, September 1, to formalize a new page in his life.

More popular than ever the Youtuber Michou now the collaborations are multiplied, being careful not to participate in projects that are not like him. A year ago, Michou embarks on an adventure who completely changed his life, participating in the eleventh season of Dance with the starswhere he falls in love with Elsa Bois, his roommate.

A romance that made his dream come true million followers on social media, because Michou is happy to share his adventures with the one he loves, yet a certain intimacy remains. I admit it was a bit difficult, because I grew up with transparency, sharing everything that happened to me, my life, my dog, my first apartment, my car.

Other than thatwith time, and fame I’m here now, I’ll be careful what I show, he confided in Nikos Aliagas in March, at 50′ Inside. And add: When we make videos together, we know it’s being filmed, we don’t show ourselves hugging and kissing.

Michou’s big departure

After years of filming his videos in his studio, Michou made his move official on Thursday, September 1. Last July, the Youtuber The 20-year-old has warned his community that he left his apartment for a new home in the Paris region. It seems that this return is similar to the change for the partner of Elsa Bois, who also decided to leave the studio where she takes her videos.

I act, he writes instagram, captioned photos of him smiling in the studio where he’s been doing so much. It’s weird not seeing this studio anymore, I grew up with it. Many of you only know me in this studio as well. now it’s a page turnerlet’s create a new story together, he added.

A new beginning that has made his longtime fans sad, as evidenced by the comments below the post. We miss the studio so much, We will miss the studio, it was a great time! Now we are here to know your new projects, which are likely to be incredible, and above all, do what you love!, It will be amazing, I met you in this studio, can we read. The beginning of a new story that we can’t wait to follow!

You’re more beautiful than that: Michou once again declares his love for Elsa Bois

or Michou and Elsa Bois didn’t win Dancing with the Stars, they found something better: a good bond. In fact, the two participants formed a beautiful duo. From the beginning of the adventure, I made a lot of progress and it’s mainly thanks to Elsa because she pushed me up! I couldn’t have had a better dance partner.

We are both very good, we complement each other a little! We are a duo with great chemistryi found, trusted Youtuber on the show last November.

Elsa is my meeting of the year. The music and our dance be an opportunity to make a beautiful statement. With Elsa, it’s complicated. Indeed, we are friendsbut I think I want us to be more than friends, but I can’t, he continued.

But that seems to be it their friendship evolved. Although the two partners were never formally in a relationship, many signs leave room for doubt.

In effect, since the end of the show, the two young artists never let go: a car ride, a movie theater, a night in Koh-Lanta. The two found each other! and Michou and Elsa Bois are still together this Wednesday, December 29, 2021. While they in the carthe 20-year-old videographer did not hesitate to declare again his flame to the dancer.

Elsa Blois

Very poetic

not you don’t think that the sunset Is Elsa really beautiful? I think it’s very romantic and I think you’re more beautiful than that.

It’s beautiful, but it’s beautiful, said Michou in his Instagram story.


These words touched his companion on Dancing with the Stars. So poetic, so romantic, it touched me. My little heart is broken, she replied.

You know why you’re prettier than that, Elsa ? Because you are my sunshine! he added, before admitting that it was indeeda diskette and that he can get it. In any case, their fans still eagerly waiting for their relationship to become official.

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